Top 7 Best Reptile Incubator Reviews 2022

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Best Reptile Incubator

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Whether you are planning to breed bearded dragons, leopard geckos, ball pythons or any other exotic reptiles, the one important piece of tool that you are going to need is a reptile incubator.

And since you will be spending money, it would be great to choose the best possible incubator in the market today. After all, reptile keepers who choose to invest in poor quality incubators end up with a handful of dead eggs as a result of improper humidity and heating.

You don’t want that and we certainly do not want that for you. So, we have gathered here only the best reptile incubators to help you with your reptile breeding.

Hova-Bator Still Air Reptile Egg Incubator

The Hova Bator actually calls itself the best small incubator in the world. And although the brand has a strong group of followers among poultry keepers, this very item can now also be enjoyed by the reptile keepers, thanks to their “still air incubators”.

Now, Hova Bator removed the egg turning functionality so that every reptile keeper can now successfully use it. This particular reptile incubator features a chest-style design with 2 glass windows in the lid so you can observe your incubating eggs.

It is quite neatly designed and comes with a ventilation system which heats the air inside and allows a gentle rise up through the vents, while fresh air is taken through the vents at the bottom part ad warmed. This system helps in preventing the buildup of “stale air” which encourages mold to grow on the reptile eggs.

Designed specifically for reptile breeders, this reptile incubator pack also includes several handy accessories. There are the stand-alone hygrometer and thermometer for measuring the condition within the incubator. Then there is the provision of pots and substrate into which you can place your reptile eggs and ensuring that they only get the best possible care.

The only downside of this amazing reptile incubator is that it does not have a cooling system and only one for warming. However, this does not seem to affect the eggs or results at all.

Happybuy ReptiPro Reptile Incubator

You probably have not heard about the ReptiPro before this article. This handy reptile incubator is sold by lots of Amazon sellers and is one of the top recommendations of most reptile keepers.

The ReptiPro 6000 is an upright reptile incubator which looks like your favorite beer fridge. It features 2 movable shelves and a small area at the bottom where water can be added to raise the humidity inside the device.

Being dimension-wise, this reptile incubator only measures 24 cm deep, 27 cm wide and 37 cm tall. These are internal dimensions which only means that this reptile incubator offers quite a generous amount of space suitable for incubating a large group of reptile eggs.

But, the biggest reason as to why most reptile keepers love this incubator is because of its extremely accurate and precise temperature controls. The reptile incubator can maintain temperature from 0°C – 40°C or 32°F – 104°F that is controlled through a digital readout. Such temperatures are suitable for any reptile eggs— from ball pythons to tortoises, to corn snakes and bearded dragons.

The ReptiPro is also one of the very few reptile incubators which actually has a cooling system as well as a heating setting which offers superior control on the internal temperature. Moreover, since this incubator comes with a cooling function, it can also be used for herps which require a winter cooling period— like some amphibians— offering you versatility.

Zoo Med ReptiBator Reptile Egg Incubator

From the reptile keeping experts comes the oddly-named “ReptiBator”— Zoo Med’s very own “tub style” reptile incubator. Not like the Hova Bator with 2 small windows in its lid, the ReptiBator maintains complete visibility because of its clear lid. This feature might actually be useful for people who wish to make a quick visual check on their incubating reptile eggs.

The ReptiBator can control temperatures between 15°C – 40°C or 59°F – 104°F although some reptile breeders complain that this one is not always completely accurate, unlike the ReptiPro. Meanwhile, it is nice to note that the manufacturer offers a built-in temperature alarm which can be handy in case of major problems like a power interruption and is designed so that when electricity is restored, this reptile incubator remembers your pre-selected temperature choice and re-establishes it as quickly as possible.

The ReptiBator also offers a quite generous amount of space with dimensions of roughly 15” x 15” x 6” which is enough to house multiple clutches of egg at one time. One final point worthy of mentioning is its reservoir built at the base which allows you to pour in some water and placing a foam matting down and carefully placing your incubation containers. This is such an efficient and easy way to increase the humidity inside the incubator.

Unfortunately, some user complains about its cheap and flimsy build quality. Users claim that it might be quite overpriced for its construction. Also, this incubator only heats, and does not have any cooling system in case of overheating.

Exo Terra Reptile Egg Incubator

Another popular brand name in the pet supply industry, the Exo Terra will not miss the opportunity to provide its very own reptile incubator. This particular model is one of the more commonly-encounters egg incubators in reptile stores. Unfortunately, just because they are regularly stocked does not necessarily means that they are the best solution for incubating reptile eggs. However, it still has some great features that you might want to consider.

Superficially, the Exo Terra incubator looks similar to the ReptiPro 6000. But in terms of reliability, this model has much to be desired. Unlike conventional incubators, this model automatically starts its cooling system when the temperature exceeds the desired incubation temperature. It also automatically switched back to its heating mode, when the temperature drops too much. Such cooling and heating combination is actually useful during rapidly changing environments.

It comes with digital temperature control and a bright LED indicator as well as a dual slide out shelves in order to maximize incubation space. It also has an interior light switch in order for you to easily monitor your reptile eggs without disturbing the incubation process. Eco Terra also offers a slide-out tray at the bottom for adding water to provide humidity inside.

Great as it may sound, some other reptile keepers reported that this device does have a short lifespan as well as an issue in maintaining suitable temperature and that it would just suddenly die without any warning. This might cause numerous failed clutches especially if you do not have any “spare” incubators.

Little Giant Still Air Reptile Incubator

The Little Giant Still Air Incubator Kit is another great reptile egg incubator that comes with everything needed for your hatchling success. This incubator is well-built and sturdy enough, and yet so lightweight that you can easily move it around your house if required.

Its lid comes with 2 large viewing windows in order to make checking your reptilian eggs convenient and easy without opening the incubator so that no humidity or temperature fluctuations happen.

The incubator’s interior contains a 40-watt heating element and also include both hygrometer to monitor humidity and a thermometer to monitor the temperature inside— both of which can be viewed through the LCD digital display. If necessary, each can also be adjusted and changed using those buttons placed under its digital display.

And just like the Hova Bator incubator, this model also comes as a kit complete with substrate and bowls, making it a perfect choice for amateur breeders. With the included accessories, clutches can each be placed to separate bowls which contain moisture-retaining substrate which is quite helpful since it secures and keeps the eggs from drying out.

This also means that you can easily add additional water when requires in order to monitor and keep moisture levels on individual clutches. And the fact that they are in bowls only means that they are very easy to move or remove from the incubator for inspection.

The only downside is that this incubator needs to be placed at room temperature in order to properly work. So, when the season is a bit crazy, who knows what will happen to your precious clutches.

R-Com PX-390 Juragon Pro Reptile Egg Incubator

The Juragon Pro Reptile Egg Incubator from R-Com is not as popular as the other products on this list, but it comes with a worthy reputation among breeders. For one, it features a well-built and large construction with a carrying capacity of up to 100 eggs at once. So, if you are a full-time reptile breeder, this may be a great choice for you.

Also, due to its different settings available, this egg incubator is suitable for a wide range of reptiles including turtles, lizards, and snakes. The incubator features a large screen on the lid, offering an easy viewing for your eggs as well as making inspections a hassle-free process. Its foam tray inside gives you the freedom to add the desired substrate as well as positioning the eggs in roomy arrangements. Plus, there’s also a handy waterhole in its exterior for adding water without disturbing the internal environment conditions.

Now, that’s not the best part yet! Its best features are its user-friendliness and extremely easy to understand interface that makes it great for beginners. Everything on this incubator is labeled and easy for you to understand, including its plus / minus button for humidity and temperature alterations as well as everyday temperature gap function that helps handle ay temperature fluctuations. Lastly, the reptile incubator comes with a handy alarm that will alert you in case there are any sudden changes in the humidity or temperature inside the incubator.

RCom Digital Egg Incubator

Another great reptile incubator from R-Com, the Suro features automatic Egg Turning via the use of a turning cradle. The incubator also has a full temperature and humidity control, complete with an easy to read digital readout.

Featuring a high refined designed with a streamlined shape, this incubator can fit just about anywhere. Suitable for both beginner and professional breeder, it is suitable for both poultry incubation and reptile breeders. Humidity and temperature calibration and can be set by the user.

The incubator has a capacity of at least 24 eggs and comes with a large clear view window for viewing and egg inspections without disturbing the incubation process. It also includes a universal tray that can accommodate all egg types. The incubator is also among the easiest incubators to clean on the market today since it can be easily disassembled and assembled.


Breeding reptiles are such an extremely rewarding experience. However, there is no doubt that it does need a particular level of commitment— both in terms of study and time. But, just seeing the process of new life hatching right in front of your eyes is definitely worth the effort, and the process will teach you a lot and your passion for reptiles and with the natural world is bound to grow profoundly.

So, if you want to experience that, then a reptile egg incubator is a must. And choosing only the best reptile incubators I’ve given you from the above list the best way to ensure a successful and proper hatchling development and the experiencing the joy of breeding these wonderful creatures!