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Top 7 Best Reptile Incubator Reviews 2022

Best Reptile Incubator

Whether you are planning to breed bearded dragons, leopard geckos, ball pythons or any other exotic reptiles, the one important piece of tool that you are going to need is a reptile incubator. And since you will be spending money, it would be great to choose the best possible incubator in the market today. After … Read more

Top 10 Best Reptile Thermostat Reviews 2022

Reptile Thermostat

Choosing the right thermostat for your vivarium is important if you want your lizard, snake or other exotic reptile pet to remain healthy and fit. However, with the market offering so many different options, it might be quite difficult for you to decide which one fits your reptile needs. So, if you are currently scratching … Read more

Best Tank for Red Eared Slider Reviews 2022

Red Eared Slider

Although a red-eared slider may be a gentle animal that does not require much to stay healthy and may adjust to its current environment quite easily, it will still have some basic requirement. A new habitat with all the much-needed elements that will keep it warm or cold as needed and an owner who will … Read more

Best Filter for Red Eared Slider Tank Reviews 2022

Best Filter for Red Eared Slider Tank

The Red eared slider is perhaps the most illustrated turtle. It has appeared in various publication, including in the Carmichael and Williams, 1991, Palmer and Braswell, 1995, Harding, 1997, Powell et al., 1998, and in Minton, 2001. It is a native of native to the Mississippi River Basin of North America. This docile creature is … Read more

Best Food for Red Eared Slider: Reviews & Guide 2022

Best Food for Red Eared Slider

A red-eared slider is one of the best-known turtles that is considered as a pet by several hobbyists. This medium-sized turtle is a freshwater terrapin that is native to the Mississippi River Basin of North America. It was named after the red stripe behind its eye, as well as its habit of sliding off rocks … Read more