The 12 Best Toys For Hamsters: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Best Toys For Hamster

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Hamsters are tiny balls of energy. They are highly active and always in for some fun games and exploration. Thus, you will need to get the best toys for hamsters in order to provide them only the best opportunities for exploration, exercise, and play.

But, with hundreds of hamster toys available in the market today, how do you choose the right one?

Important Factors To Consider

Types of Hamsters Toys

For endless entertainments and adventures, hamster toys are available in various kinds. Variety not only keeps your hamster from getting bored easily but some have very specific benefits.

Playground Puzzle

Just like human kids that love playgrounds, hamsters will also appreciate a wide playground for themselves.

And there are a variety of items you can add to your pet’s playground, from houses or huts as well as climbers, ramps and even bridges that encourage their curious behavior and provide endless adventures.

Chew Toys

Hamsters will need a good supply of toys that they can sink their teeth in. This helps in keeping their constantly growing teeth in optimum length and good condition.

Most chew toys are made of wood. Just make sure that the chew toys you get are pet-safe and should be chemical or pesticide-free. Also, stay away from cedarwood and other evergreen type woods. Some chew toys are made from fruit and veggie ingredients that is also good for their health.

From willow balls, wooden tunnels and chew treat, you will find hundreds of chew toys available for your furry friend.

Hamster Balls and Wheels

Hamsters love wheels and balls. And if you are a busy owner and usually keep your pet on the cage for longer period of time, the hamster wheels will give them the exercise and boredom relief they need. Meanwhile, hamster balls allow your pet to roam around outside of their cage without getting lost.

Just make sure that the wheel and ball you choose has the proper size and have a solid surface that reduces the risk of injuries.

High Quality and Pet-Safe Materials

If you wish to get the most out of your hamsters toys, ten you will need to get one that is made of premium and durable materials.

Most hamsters toys are made out of one or a combination of these 4 materials:

  • Durable, chew-safe plastic-like hamster wheels and balls
  • Silicon-like, flexible materials such as tunnels
  • Chew-safe woods such as tunnels and hideout
  • Soft fabric fleece for sleeping and cuddling

In addition, hammies just love to nibble and chew on everything they can, so you do not want something that is toxic and potentially harmful. Read the toy’s description carefully in order to ensure that the toy is actually safe for your pet to ingest.

Get The Right Size

You will also need to consider the size of the toy. Choosing something that is too large can cause them to ignore it altogether. Meanwhile, toys that are too small can cause injuries and accidents like choking.

Colors and Style

This is not a crucial factor. However, if you’re one to plan a particular thee for your hamster’s cage or play area, then you need to consider whether the toy can fit in. Fortunately, most toys for hamsters are available in several colors that allows you to choose the right one for your pet’s cage.

In case theme is not a problem, then you can just get whatever toy with various styles and colors that will keep your adorable pet busy and entertained.

Top 12 Best Toys For Hamsters

With the above factors, we have synthesized the best products on the market for you:

Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel

Coming on top of our list is the Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel which is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in “Small Animal Exercise Wheels”. This hamster wheel is available in various sizes— Small (5.5 inches), Large (8.5 inches) and Giant (12 inches) — so you can choose the right one for your hamster.

Encouraging your pet to exercise and relieve boredom, this exercise wheel features a solid and safe running surface that will not hurt your pet’s feet. It also features a tail-safe design so you do not have to worry about your pet’s tail or feet getting stuck as well as an EZ Exit Design that allows for easy access to the wheel.

The wheel also has a quiet operation, so you will not hear annoying sound when you’re trying to get some sleep while your pet is trying to get some good exercise. In addition, the wheel includes a 2-way attachment clip as well as a heavy-duty wire stand, so you get to use it clipped to a wire cage or free-standing.

kathson Hamster House Hideout Hut

This adorable 2-story hamster house is Amazon’s Choice for “Hamster Playground”. It measures 5.7 x 6.1 x 5.3 inches which are ideal for hamsters, mice, and other small animals to call their home, complete with a sleeping nest, pet food basin, ramp, balcony, and gym.

The Hideout Hut is made of eco-friendly wood and plastic plate that offers a colorful look to decorate your pet’s home. It provides a fun play spot, nesting spot, and hideout with small peeping holes that allow your pet to keep an eye out while resting.

The house is super easy to assemble with plates and teeth that seamlessly connect with each other, providing a steady and stable home for your hamster. All parts are rounded smooth without burrs in order to avoid hurting your furry pet. In addition, it is also super easy to clean and resistant to odors.

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

One of the most popular chew toys from established brand Kaytee, the Nut Knot Nibbler is a favorite among small animals. It is made of natural wood with pet-safe vegetable dye coloring that satisfies their inner chewing and gnawing itch.

Available in 2 sizes— Medium (4 inches) and Mini (2.5 inches)— this chew toy is suitable for hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and other small animals that love to chew on things. Watch as your hamster nibble and gnaw its way to the ultimate toy reward trapped at the center of the uniquely arranged wooden sticks.

Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Playpen

Boasting a 4-star rating on Amazon with over 1,000 reviews, this colorful playpen from Prevue Pet Products is Amazon’s Choice for “Hamster Playpen.”

So when it is time to finally open your pet’s cage and allow them to see the great outdoors, this durable playpen should keep them contained while enjoying the fresh air. The playpen allows you and your kids to play with your adorable hamster while keeping them within range.

It is made of pet-safe and non-toxic powder-coated steel mesh for durability. With a 3/8 wire spacing, you do not have to worry about your pet getting stuck and escaping. It includes 8 panels that are super easy to assemble and can be combined with more than one playpen set to create an even larger play space.

Kaytee Igloo Hideaways

Give your hamster its very own hideout spot with this stylish Igloo Hideaway from Kaytee. This one-piece construction is available in various sizes— Mini, Large, Giant, and Itty-Bitty— so you can choose the right one for your furry pet.

Made of durable plastic, this igloo hideaway is super easy to clean and resistant to odor and stain. Ideal for hamsters, rats, gerbils, and other small animals, it helps encourage your pet’s natural nesting instincts while giving them a private place to relax.

Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Wheel

This flying saucer wheel from Ware Manufacturing helps promote an active and fun lifestyle that will keep your hamster fit and happy. The saucer wheel features a solid running surface that is completely safe for your pets and prevents their tails and feet from getting caught.

In addition, it is designed to be completely silent, keeping the noise down when your pet is using the wheel. Measuring 7.25W x 7.25D x 4.25H inches, this flying saucer wheel provides endless of running and fun that can relieve cage boredom.

SunGrow Chew Sticks

Being Amazon’s Choice for “Hamster Teeth Grinder”, these chew stick from SunGrow will keep your hamster’s teeth in good length and condition. A treat and toy in one, these sticks are available in various flavors that your hamsters will crave for including Apple Cinnamon, Matatabi Silvervine, and Bamboo.

In addition to keeping their teeth in good health, these chew sticks also provide roughage which is beneficial for digestion and may help in relieving intestinal mild pain and inflammations.

Made from 100 percent raw and pet-safe wood, these sticks are not treated with varnishes, paints, and dyes that can cause unwanted side effects on your pet while keeping them occupied and entertained for hours.

Rosewood Pet Activity Assault Course

If you are looking for something that fulfills your pet’s climbing desires, then this toy from Rosewood Pet is definitely a good buy. With the name “Activity Assault Course” this hamsters toys offers the feel and look of military training post that soldiers use to practice their hanging and climbing skills.

Made from harmless and chewable woods, this toy can be gnawed down to bits in case your hamster is not fond of its military training. It is super easy to assemble with or without the supplied non-toxic glue and helps stimulate your pet while relieving boredom.

Hikim Hamster Maze

If you need something to stimulate your hamster’s mind and curiosity, then Amazon’s Choice for “Hamster Maze” from Hikim should be your best bet. The maze is made of premium natural wood material as well as acrylic glass surfaces that are non-toxic and super safe to use.

It measures 9.84 x 9.84 x 2.75 inches with entrance holes measuring 1.5 inches in diameter, ensuring that your pet fits well. The maze features 16 entrance holes with 13 compartments, that helps relieve your pet’s boredom and increase its activity level by finding its way out.

Niteangel Activity Toy Balls

If your hamster wants some balls to just push everywhere or sit around and gnawing to pieces, then this activity toy balls from Niteangel is a good buy. All handmade, these balls are made of 100 percent natural materials without metal, plastic or glue that can cause harm.

Great for nibbling and playing to help prevent boredom, these toy balls feature an extra deep base for deep filling with litter so that pets can burrow and tunnel. Measuring 2.6 inches, these balls are made of different natural materials including rattan, water hyacinth, and seagrass to provide variety and prevents your pet from getting bored easily.

JW Pet Walk Up Small Animal Barn

Add a decorative piece in your hamster’s cage with this Tunnel Bridge from JW Pet. Your hamster gets to climb up the stairs and enjoy the view on top or hide inside for a quiet, private time.

Made from translucent plastic, this stair hideout is resistant to stain and odor and is super easy to clean. Available in Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo size, this toy is suitable for hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other small animals.

WINOMO Pet Hammock

When it is finally time for your pet to take a rest from all the running and chewing, provide it with a comfortable and fluffy place to sleep with this hammock from WINOMO. A perfect and comfy place to retreat, this hammock feature a super soft texture with refined stitching for long-lasting and durable use.

While resting, your hamster could also take a peek on the fluffy hole. It includes corrosion resistant 4 clip chains that allow for a portable and convenient hanging.


Your hamster may spend most of its day in its cage, however, it does not mean that it has to do nothing all day. It needs to have fun and this calls for the best toys for hamsters in order to meet their enrichment needs, preventing boredom and staying healthy with exercise.

There is no one toy that can give all this, so make sure to include a variety of hamster toys from the above list and allow your pet to experiment and pick up his favorite!