The 12 Best Wheels For Hamsters: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Best Wheels For Hamsters

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For first time owners, buying the best wheels for hamsters may seem easy and quick. However, that assumption can quickly fade when confronted the hundreds of options available in the market!

From silent hamster wheels to wooden or metal hamster wheels to a hamster saucer wheel— such options can be quite confusing.

So, how do you choose the right one?

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Wheels


It goes without saying that the wheel you purchase should fit your adorable hamster comfortably.

You need to make sure that the wheel is both wide enough and large enough, ensuring that your hamster does not run with an arched back and cause back problems and make it less enjoyable for your hammy.

An exercise wheel that measures 6.5” is suitable for a dwarf of Roborovski hamsters, while Syrian hamsters and larger breeds can benefit from 8” or more wheels.


Regardless of the material that is used on the wheel (metal, wood or plastic), the running surface needs to be smooth and safe. In addition, it is also great if the running surface has a bit of texture in order to prevent your hamster from slipping when running, but there should be no holes, gaps or opening that can cause his feet, toes or tails to get stuck in the wheel.

Furthermore, the texture should be minimal and only for non-slip purposes since their feet can be quite sensitive and easily injured or bruised.


Some hamster wheels feature a solid back wall to make your hamster feel confident about using the wheels.

In the past, hamster wheels were entirely open at the front for better access, however, the wheels of today are partially closed off.

This is to cut down on injuries or risk of your hamster getting flung out of the wheel when using it at fast speed.

In addition, supporting sidebars across the diameter are not recommended since they may cause injuries if your hamster sticks out its head.

Some novelty wheel designs look like toy vehicles that your pet can propel around the house. They may seem fun, however, they are only great for short intervals of time since you can’t leave your pet unattended. Plus, they make a lot of noise.

Stands and Fixings

Most hamster wheels come in attachment systems which can be affixed in a cage. This adds stability to the wheel and cutting down the room needed for the hamster wheel.

Meanwhile, a 2-way attachment stand can be used outside the cage.

Choose a hamster wheel that features these attachments so you can reinforce stability and strength as well as reducing the chances of accidents and injuries.

Silent Operation

As mentioned before, hamsters love to run, and they run a lot!

This is why it can be quite stressful for owners if the wheel is loud, squeaky or creates a monotone sound when your pet uses it. In addition, hamsters have a very keen sense of hearing, thus will not like a noisy wheel.

Thus, you need to choose a wheel that is silent.  Check is the hamster wheel runs on ball-bearing which is not only sturdy and durable but also provides quiet and smooth operation.

Top 12 Best Wheels For Hamsters

Kaytee CritterTrail Snap-On Wheel

An Amazon’s Choice For “Kaytee Hamster Wheels”, the Critter Trail Snap-On Comfort Wheel features an easy and quick installation on universal tube design plastic hamster cages and it will not take up valuable space. In addition, the wheel can also be installed outside the cage.

The wheel itself is fully enclosed for your pet’s safety and prevent your hamster from being flung out when running at full speed. Plus, it runs quietly so it won’t be stressful for both you and your hamster to use and the wheel comes in an assortment of colors. The wheel is also super easy to clean and features removable Waste Collector Cup in order to keep your hamster’s area clean and sanitized.

Love Hamster Wheel 8” Comfort Exercise Wheel

With an 8.3 inches diameter size, this exercise wheel from Love Hamster Wheel is ideal for hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, gerbils, and other small animals that weight under 3.5 ounces. It features a thick and detachable wall for an easy assembly.

Meanwhile, the steelworks silently for your pet’s playtime or exercise. In addition, the wheel is fully equipped with 3-point seamless button design, making it more stable and secure. Also, the media-lateral roulette stampeded convex adds friction and prevents your hamster from slipping.

The wheel is made of premium, non-toxic PP material, making it sturdy and resistant to cracking, breaking and even chewing and ensures rotating speed stability.

Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel

Another great product from Kaytee, the Comfort Exercise Wheel is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in “Small Animal Exercise Wheel”. The exercise wheel features a solid and safe running surface and the tail-safe design that prevents injuries and slipping.

It also has the “EZ” Exit Design for easy access to the wheel. The wheel boasts a durable chew-proof metal wire mesh that could last for years of abuse. It also has a quiet operation that will not disturb you.

The comfort wheel includes a heavy-duty wire stand as well as a 22-way attachment clip, so you can install the wheel clipped to a wire cage or use it free-standing. This Kaytee Wheel is available in sizes Giant (12”), Large (8.5”) and Small (5.5”) and in an assortment of colors.

Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Wheel

If you have more than one hamster in a cage, then you will need to make sure that all your hamster get the exercise and playtime they need. Instead of stocking up their cage with 2 or 3 wheels, consider choosing another wheel design to accommodate multiple runners.

And this flying saucer wheel features a flatter running surface than the traditional upright hamster wheel and is perfect for multiple hamsters to run together. With 7.25 inches diameter, this saucer wheel is large to accommodate one or two dwarf hamsters.

The saucer wheel has a slid running surface that keeps your hamster’s feet safe and has a completely silent operation. In addition, it is super easy to clean for your convenience.

Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

Another Kaytee Exercise Wheel, The Silent spinner features a safe and solid running surface that is totally safe for your pet’s feet. It also has a tail-safe design that makes it easy for your furry friend to enter and exit the wheel without difficulties.

The wheel itself is comfortable and durable and is reinforced with a 2way attachment clip, so you can use it either attached to a wire cage or freestanding. Measuring 12 inches, this is ideal for large hamster breeds as well as gerbil, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and rats.

Meanwhile, the wheel mechanisms use a ball bearing patented tech on a plastic spoke, making it extremely quiet and allows you have to peaceful nights and day while your hamster plays.

Prevue Pet Products Wire Mesh Wheel

While most hamster owners prefer flying saucer-type wheels or plastic materials, this wire mesh hamster wheels from Prevue Pet Products is still a great option. This wheel is inexpensive and comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose the right one for your hamster breed.

It is made from durable and sturdy wire mesh which can withstand gnawing and chewing. Featuring a standalone design, this wheel can be placed anywhere inside or outside the cage and can also be attached from mesh cage sides.

The metal wheel is designed to avoid the risk of your pet’s feet from getting caught in the wheel or falling through the mesh. In addition, you get to choose from 4 assorted colors to match your pet’s cage décor.

Niteangel Wooden Exercise Wheel

Wood is another material option for a durable hamster exercise wheel. And this particular wooden wheel from reputable company Niteangel features a solid running surface for better grip and prevent slipping. It features ball bearing and has a smooth motion for quiet operation.

You can put it inside or outside your pet’s cage and comes with safety stand for stability and a closed rear wall in order to prevent your pets from getting stuck, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents. Furthermore, its optimal design makes it easy on your hamster’s spine and makes it more enjoyable for them to run.

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner

This bright yellow and black exercise wheel from Exotic Nutrition features a safe, axle-free design that eliminates the dangers of center bar and reducing the risk of fur and tail entanglement, the curvature of the spine, pet wrap-around and other injuries.

Boasting innovative dual ball-bearings, this wheel creates a whisper-silent spin. The 2 stainless steel ball-bearings are placed at the backplate of the wheel to ensure silent and smooth operation.

The wheel is also super easy to clean without nooks that hide feces or dirt and can be disassembled for deep cleaning.

Transoniq Wodent Wheel Sr.

Measuring 11 inches in diameter, this exercise wheel from Transoniq is made specifically for larger breeds of hamsters. It features safe and quiet operation and has entry holes on the side for a nifty effect when watching them run.

The semi-enclosed design also prevents accidents and injuries while making your pet feel much safer as they run. The wheels are made of safe plastic with a sturdy and stable base of heavy-gauge painted steel.

Ware Manufacturing Metal Tread Exercise Wheel

This exercise wheel from Ware Manufacturing features durable construction with chew-resistant powder-coated wire for sturdiness. Completely safe for your furry friends, this exercise wheel features a treaded texture that prevents slipping while protecting their tails and furs.

It comes with a stable stand and is available in various sizes— Mini, Small, Medium and Large— so you can choose the right one for your pet’s breed and size.

Petzilla Hamster Exercise Wheel

For a stylish yet effective exercise wheel, consider this Sunflower-inspired hamster wheel from Petzilla. Available in sizes 7.5 inches and 9 inches, this exercise wheel is suitable for hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other small animals.

Made of pet-safe wood materials, the wheel is super easy to clean and resistant to odors. It can be used either screwed onto a wire cage or freestanding and is guaranteed 100 percent silent so you can rest peacefully at night while your hamster runs to its heart’s content. Lastly, the wheel is available in various color including blue, green, pink and multi-color.

Keersi Hamster Flying Saucer Wheel

Another flying saucer wheel for hamsters, this one from Keersi is made from pet-safe plastic materials that are durable and sturdy. The saucer wheel measures 7 inches across, making it suitable for Syrian, dwarf and hybrid hamsters.

It features a solid and non-slip running area that keeps your pet’s feet safe and secure. In addition, its plastic material is resistant to odors and stains and is super easy to clean. It comes with a sturdy and stable stand and is available in two adorable colors— blue and pink.


As the loving owner you are, I know you want to keep your adorable pet happy and healthy. A critical part to do it is to make sure that they have enough exercise as often as possible.

Thus, getting the best wheels for hamsters from the above list can be incredibly beneficial. This simple item allows your furry friend to run safely whenever they feel the urge to while providing a reliable source of distraction and entertainment that your hamster will truly appreciate!