The 10 Best Ball Python Enclosure: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Ball Python Enclosure

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The ball python (Python regius) is known as the royal python and is the most popular pet python on the world. It is a native in sub-Saharan Africa and is surprisingly wide-spread through Uganda, Benin, and Senegal. On its natural habitat, it spends most of its life in the security of a natural crevice or a disused rodent burrow.

The ball python is one of the easiest snakes to acquire and are commonly available in pet shops, reptile expos, and breeders. They make a good pet since they are generally small in size, shy, easy to care for, friendly and comes with a remarkable array of patterns and colors. If you are taking care of or wish to have a ball python, in addition to caring for food, healing room you need to have a best ball python enclosure.

The Different Types of a Ball Python Cage

Whether you live alone or have a family, if you choose a ball python for a pet, then you will need some kind of enclosure or cage to ensure that your ball python remains a pet and not a threat to anyone’s safety. Because no matter what anyone says, a snake is a snake and most people will immediately think that it is scary and dangerous.

Just imagine a ball python getting out of its domestic habitat; that would be so terrible. Thus, picking the best ball python enclosure should be a top priority, especially if it is your first time.

Choosing a ball python enclosure or cage is indeed a very crucial process since you do not want your precious snake slithering around and scaring the hell out of people who encounter it (and the possibility of killing your pet). Basically, there are 4 different types of ball python enclosures:

Glass Tanks

Fishes glass aquariums were usually used as a python enclosure in the past few years because it offers an excellent view of the pet. However, glass tanks present a few difficulties, firstly because these enclosures are not designed for housing snakes. Another problem is that the ball pythons are by nature good at escaping, so you really want an enclosure that is escape proof. An aquarium’s lid is mostly improvised screens, thus it definitely won’t so.

Glass tanks have some advantage though. The glass retains moisture and heat better making it a good habitat for most reptiles, particularly baby ball pythons.

Wooden Vivarium

These types are considered far better than glass tanks because they were designed with the snakes in mind. It has a wooden surrounding which makes it really excellent in keeping humidity and warmth inside the enclosure. This also becomes a natural heat source, so you won’t have to pay extra on your electricity bills.

Moreover, a wooden vivarium can make your ball python feel more at home and safer. However, you need to select meticulously. Not all wooden vivarium are high quality and there are some who sell this type of enclosure which does not have the capacity to hold the stronger adult ball pythons.

Plastic RUBs

In the recent years, plastic enclosures have gained popularity for the ability to hold ball pythons. This is because of the in-depth experimentation by experienced breeders.

Exo Terras

The Exo Terras is perhaps the most popular enclosure for ball pythons nowadays. They are particularly designed for amphibians and reptiles and therefore will make a good home for your ball python. Exo Terras are usually designed with glass doors that makes viewing and access really easy for you. Moreover, this ensures that the enclosure will always have some breeze while making sure that your sneaky pet will never escape. Lastly, its simple design makes it one of the most attractive ball python enclosure available in the market today.

Top 10 Best Ball Python Enclosure

Because ball python can grow to unpredictable sizes, most owners choose to create their own ball python enclosure. In case, you need it urgently and build an enclosure for later, there are some enclosures available in the market which can accommodate a ball python. Here are the top 10 best ball python enclosure:

Deep Blue Professional Glass Standard Frag Aquarium Tank

This Aquarium tank from Deep Blue Professionals is specifically made for sea creatures but that does not mean that it can’t handle reptiles like ball pythons. The tank is made from thick distortion-free glass material for durability and visibility.

It also features diamond-polished edges, black seal with industrial strength and universally-sized injection molded frames for added sturdiness. The tank measures 18 x 12 inches, giving your reptilian buddy a lot of space to slither around.

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Junior Executive Kit

Another great enclosure, the SeaClear Aquarium is specifically made for the budding aquarist, however, you’ll be glad to know that it also makes a suitable enclosure for reptiles. Measuring 36 x 15 x 16 inches, it gives your ball python ample space to crawl and slither as well as adding branches to crawl on.

This enclosure is constructed from Acrylic that is at least 17 times stronger than glass an only weighs half its weight of the same size. The enclosure comes with a full hood to prevent any escapes and includes a 24 inches fluorescent fixture installed for lighting.

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium

The all-new Carolina Custom Cages Terrariums are super easy to assemble and comes in various models and sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your slithering buddy. They’ve got models with hinged floors as well as sliding doors and waterproof base. All terrarium comes fully equipped with key-lock security in order to prevent any accidental escapes.

Carolina custom Cages also makes sure that the terrarium arrived at your home scratch and dent-free with an extra Styrofoam and tougher cardboard for a “box inside a box” packaging.

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Mayan

This reptile enclosure from Exo Terra measures 18x18x24 inches, making it much suitable for ball pythons to live in. Its dimension is just right— not too small or too big, but is enough to give your ball python a lot of crawling and slithering spaces.

In addition, this ball python enclosure comes with 2 doors for an escape-free access. It also features a water-resistant base and front window ventilation. It has a stainless steel mesh cover which makes sure that your ball python will never find a way to escape.

Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

An all-glass terrarium that measures 18x18x12 inches, this enclosure from Exo Terra is ideal for amphibian and baby reptiles like baby ball python to live in. It has front doors which can be opened separately for easy access and feeding. Moreover, it has a lock specially designed in order to prevent your ball python from sneaking out of its cage.

It features a full-screen top ventilation which allows infrared and UV penetration and is completely removable for easy cleaning. At the back of the screen cover, there are five closable tube inlets or wires on each side to install sensors or heat wave rocks inside.

Its bottom plate is raised in order to mount a substrate heater. It has a natural background and provides enough space for your ball python to slither through.

Exo Terra High Glass Terrarium

This ball python enclosure is much different than the other Exo Terra Terrarium in this list. This one is much higher and less wide than the others, making it suitable for baby to young ball pythons to climb and slither around.

Exo terra high has dual doors for easy access and feeding and a specialized lock that prevents unwanted opening from kids and your python slithering out into the world. It’s an all-glass terrarium which provides you a good viewing of your pet.

It has a waterproof base and a raised bottom frame to accommodate heaters and substrate. With its natural-looking background, your ball python will surely feel like home in the wild.

Exo Terra Short All glass Terrarium (24 by 18 by 12-Inch)

The Allglass Terrarium from Exo Terra is made of tough glass and is probably one of the most popular, trendiest ball python enclosure available today. Made and designed specifically for reptiles and amphibians, it comes in various sizes so that you have a lot of option on the correct size of the ball python that you are planning to take home as a pet.

The Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium is integrated with a patented front window ventilation which allows enough breeze to enter the enclosure and make sure that your ball python can breathe on some fresh air. Moreover, it features an elevated bottom frame for substrates and heaters. Its base is waterproof and keeps water from entering the cage

This ball python enclosure also comes with double click doors which are escape-proof making sure that your python will never see its long body outside the cage. Also, it has closable inlets for wiring and tubes management. What’s more is that it also features a distended ground surface which is extremely significant because ball python will need a lot of space to slither around.

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit

This reptile enclosure from Exo Terra has good size, making it much suitable for ball pythons to live in. Its dimension is just right— not too small or too big, but is enough to give your ball python a lot of crawling and slithering spaces.

In addition, this ball python enclosure comes with 2 doors for an escape-free access. It also features a water-resistant base and front window ventilation. It has a stainless steel mesh cover which makes sure that your ball python will never find a way to escape.

Exo Terra Allglass Large and Wide Terrarium

This ball python enclosure is pretty much the same as the previous one, although this one is much larger and wider, that is ideal to hold a fully grown ball python. It is made with the same tough, clear glass and a front window ventilation to allow your ball python have a good amount of fresh air.

It has a waterproof base and comes with an escape-proof door so you won’t have to worry about your ball python getting out and scaring people. With closable inlets for tubes and wiring and a really wider space than the other, this ball python enclosure will surely make you ball python happier with so much ground to cover.

Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium (for Baby Ball Python)

It’s boasts an exceptional design and is really a head-turning ball python terrarium. It is a 8-gallon enclosure which is also perfect for hermit, lizards, and amphibians. This enclosure features a flat-backed style so you can set it up on a wall while giving you a nice view of your pet.

This ball python enclosure from Exo Terra is made of long-lasting and tough metal screen which does not only give you the perfect view but also ensures that your ball python will never have a chance to escape. Its tough glass has been constructed with a seamless acrylic structure that provides perfect viewing every time.

The Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball Python Size

Hatchlings of ball pythons are around 10 inches in length. Adult male ball pythons have an average of 2 – 3 feet in size while female ball pythons can grow an average 3 – 5 feet long.

The ball python is a species of snakes in which the females are usually much longer than males. A 5-foot ball python is already considered big, however, there are reports of much longer ones.

Ball Python Lifespan

With proper caring, a ball python can live for 30 years or more. The recorded oldest age of a ball python is over 40 years.

Ball Python Feeding

You can feed a ball python with an appropriately sized rodent once every week. The term “appropriately sized” means that the prey is no bigger o circumference that the ball python at its biggest circumference.

Young ball pythons eat rats and moving up in size as they grow bigger.  They can also be fed with thawed/frozen or pre-killed rodents.

Never handle a ball python for at least a day after it fed. This is because ball python might regurgitate. It is also important to know that some ball pythons will not eat for a few hours after being handled, so try to avoid handling if you plan to feed it. Moreover, never leave a live rodent inside the enclosure, since they can injure your ball python.

Ball pythons are known to not eat at particular times of the year, especially during winter months. Moreover, snakes usually do not eat while that are in their shed cycle.

Ball Python Water

Always provide clean and fresh water for your ball python. The size of the water dish is completely up to you, however, it is important to note that a really large one gives your ball python an opportunity to crawl in and soak (ball pythons seems to love soaking from time to time)

Always check its water bowls from time to time since ball pythons are known to defecate in their water bowls.

Ball Python Temperament and Handling

In general, ball pythons are shy and prefer to do much hiding. And just like any other snakes, without trust, your ball python might see you as a threat.

Always support the body of your ball python and try to avoid any fast movements. Once a ball python realizes that you are not a threat, it will usually enjoy being handled. There are some ball pythons that will try to hide when handled and there are some that might even bite because of excessive fear. Such ball pythons will need more time to settle and establish trust.

Creating Your Ball Pythons’ Habitat

After you have chosen the best ball python enclosure, the next thing you will do is to decorate and customize the inside of the enclosure to accommodate the needs of your ball python.

There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind when creating the best habitat for your ball pythons. Here are some:


A dry substrate is required, but with the option for a higher amount of humidity, particularly during molting. The most common substrate used for ball python enclosure are paper towels and newspapers in terms of disinfecting and cleaning the enclosure. Orchid bark and cypress mulch are great substrates in controlling the humidity inside the enclosure. Also, take note to never use any substrate with cedar since it contains oils which are deadly for reptiles. Also, you might want to avoid using peat bedding, shavings, and sand as a substrate.


Artificial heating is necessary in order for your ball python to feel comfortable. Keep in mind that enclosures need proper thermal gradient which your ball python can utilize, with a cool sot on one end of the enclosure and a hotspot on the other.

Provide your ball python with an ambient temperature of 78 – 80 degrees and a basking spot temperature of 88 – 96 degrees.

There are various ways of adding heat to your ball python enclosure. Basking bulbs (both red light bulbs and regular daytime bulbs), ceramic heat emitters, and heating tapes or pads. With basking bulb and heat emitters, it is important to keep an eye on the humidity within the enclosure, particularly if combined with screen tops, since both can dry the air rapidly.

Also, try to use rheostats, thermostats and/or timers in order to control your heat source. Never use hot rocks with ball pythons since they can heat unevenly over too small surface areas and can cause a very serious burn.


Lighting is not very necessary for ball pythons, however, you use some when you use it through a 12/12 cycle (12 hours off and 12 hours on). A constant bright, overhead light is stressful to snakes, particularly the nocturnal species like the ball python.


Ball pythons prefer a humidity level between 50 – 60 percent. It is crucial to maintaining the proper humidity since it will allow your ball python to shed properly.

Accessories to Hide

The best accessory that is needed for a happy ball python is a good hide box. Providing several secured hides for concealment mimics a ball python’s burrow. Ball pythons are very secretive snakes which appreciate privacy and utilize hide spots. Give your ball python some hiding spots on each end so that it will not have to choose between security and temperature. Plastic flowerpot trays, clay flowerpots, and commercially available hide boxes make a perfect hideout for ball pythons.


Considering a ball python as a pet requires special attention and care and an extraordinary enclosure or habitat. This is why you should take your time in choosing the best ball python enclosure in order to have a healthy snake pet and a safe home.