The 10 Best Hamster Accessories 2022: Reviews & Guide for Beginners

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Hamster Accessories

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We all know pets can be lovely and annoying at the same time. Small pet animals are really cute to have in a house, but they can also be disturbing if they do not have their cage or toys to keep them busy. Pet owners should not only buy a pet but get an appropriate cage and accessories to keep it busy. There are lots of toys out there that you can buy for your pets to keep them comfortable and busy. This article will shed light on how to choose accessories for your hamster and give a list of accessories you can buy for your pet.

Factors to Consider When Buying Hamster Accessories


Whether you are getting a cage or other accessories, you need to consider the size of your pet and the size of the hardware you are getting. Ideally, the bigger the pet, the bigger the size of the cage and accessories to choose. Choosing the right size is to ensure that your pet is comfortable, and the accessories do not get damaged easily. The adequate size to hold pets will keep it from escaping. Look out for measurement before choosing an accessory


You will mostly find plastic accessories out there; it is vital to choose the accessories with strong material. Accessories made with less quality plastic can be easily chewed and damaged by pets. Aside from plastic materials, there are accessories made of wood. When checking for materials, you should choose a material that does not harm the pet.


Pets can easily stain and mess up their houses and accessories. In cleaning pet accessories, you should buy accessories that can be accessed easily from outside. Proper cleaning process entails detaching the accessory into parts; this allows you to access the accessory easily and adequately.

An additional point you can consider is to get a pet cage that either comes with accessories or has an attachment pole that you can attach accessories to. Choose accessories that are compatible with your pet cage.

After all, these have been said, you can check out for various hamster accessories that we have been reviewed to be one of the best. Here is a list of hamster or pet accessories.

Top 10 Best Hamster Accessories

Kaytee Critter Trail Begin and Connect Habitat for Hamsters

A hamster cage is the first accessory you will think of getting your hamster. This cage is good for small or baby hamster, however, it has attachment ports for adding accessories to expand the cage when the hamster gets bigger. This cage allows your hamster to play, at least for a start. So, you do not need to get other accessories for your hamster, though if you want, you can. It has a water bottle and exercises wheel for your hamster to play with. Its body is designed to have narrow wire spacing and spring door to ensure your pet is secured in its house.


  • Can be expanded as a pet grows
  • Less need for accessories
  • It is safe


  • Wires get damaged easily

Habitrail OVO Studio, Small Animal Habitat

The habitrail habitat is made to suit the owner’s style, it can be customized to how you want it to look. The first feature we see here is flexibility. Its design is made to give your pet room to move around freely. You can easily access your pet from the retractable top, and its clear plastic gives you a clear view of your pet from outside. You can easily clean the habitat from the roof.


  • Little playing-ground for small pets
  • Retractable roof
  • Easy to clean


  • Changing food causes spillover in the habitat

Amakunft Portable Outdoor/Indoor Pop Open Pet Exercise Fence

Your small pet will need some time to play around or feel free, this exercise-ground is made for such purpose. It is easy to open and to fold back; it pops up in a few seconds and folds flat when not in use. For efficiency and safety, it is recommended to keep this playpen away from the reach of children when it is opened under spring pressure. It can be used indoor and outdoor and easy to carry everywhere. It’s made with polyester fabric and it is easy to clean. It can serve as a playing ground for hamster, bunny, squirrel, gerbil, reptile, ferret, and other small pets.


  • It is portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for various small pet


  • It is large, so ensure you have a large room

Kudes Hamster Hammock Small Animals Hanging Bed Mat House Cage

This accessory gives your pet a relaxing feeling, such as humans have when lying on such a bed. It is made with soft and fleece material to make your pet comfortable and warm. This bed house is hanged with a chain; it can be an extension of the pet’s house. Ideal to make your hamster cool and warm in winter; it keeps heat away from pets. Your pet can easily pass the night in this bed and can also relax in the bed.


  • Comfortable
  • Good for small pets
  • It shields pet from heat


  • Size different from the normal measurement

Kaytee Run-About 7″ Hamster Exercise Ball

Give the hamster toy to play within its leisure time. It encourages your pet to play healthily and safely; It becomes a good company for small pets. You can keep your pet busy with this for as long as you want. It is 7 inches in diameter. It gives the hamster fun time and allows the owner to concentrate on their work while the pet is playing.


  • Help keep the pet busy
  • Suitable for small pets
  • Can keep the pet from escaping


  • Pet can easily chew the plastic

iSmarten Banana Hamster Bed House

This is another swing bed for any small pet. It can be hung on a cage or used as a hammock. It is a good bed for your pet, it has a covering that protects your pet from heat. Your pet can easily sleep in this bed and remain warm. It is made of cotton and its inside is filled with sponge.


  • Serves as a comfortable and cozy bed for pets
  • Cute banana outlook
  • Pet will naturally like it


  • Not too strong chain to hold it

Niteangel Suspension Bridge for Hamsters

Small pets naturally like to run around in the house; going up and down. You do not need to restrict your pet from moving freely; with the help of the suspension bridge, you can make your pet run up and down just as in the house. This bridge is made of natural wood. It gives your pet mountaineering and exploration experience. Though it is meant for playing, it can be also used to achieve balance and coordination for your pet. It satisfies pets instinct to chew,


  • Build coordination in pet
  • Satisfactory customer service
  • Can be easily attached to the cage


  • Can be torn apart easily

Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System, Small Animal House

Ever imagine a two-story house for a pet? This pet house is just a perfect playground for pets. Your pet can keep going from one end to the other; going through the tunnel, tower, and other climbing surfaces. It is designed with natural wood, ideal for hamsters and mice. It is a playhouse for small pets.


  • Can keep pet busy all day long
  • It is spacious
  • Ideal for a dwarf hamster


  • Check product well before use; can harm your pet if damaged

Kaytee Igloo Hideaway, Colors Vary

It’s a good hide-out for your pet. It’s made of durable plastic material, it is easy to clean and stain-resistant. It encourages nesting instinct, naturally for pets. It has a simple design; one-piece construction. It is ideal for gerbils, rats, hamsters, and so on.


  • Great hide-out for small pet
  • Has a variety of hideout you can choose for your pet
  • Pets will love it


  • Can be moved around by bigger pet

JanYoo Guinea Pig Bed Hedgehog House Pad Bed

It is a great resting piece for pets. Pet climbs up with a ladder, rest in the wooden flat surface, can also creep down to a little swing bed attached to it. It has attachments for other accessories; you can easily buy accessories with attachment rings and add to this padded bed. It can help develop balance and coordination in a pet. It is made with natural beech wood; your pet can chew it without any health consequence. It is healthy and safe for teeth grinding.


  • Easy to install
  • Helps maintain balance in a pet
  • Safe for chewing


  • Fits pets within 2 pounds only


Your pet deserves a good environment. Keep your pet neat, playing around or busy, while you are also focused on your work. One of the reasons for getting pet accessories is to create space for your pet to play around. Pets can go all the way from one pet house to another; you can connect many accessories together to expand the playing ground for your hamster. There are other accessories that you can add up to your pet house. You can choose from the varieties of accessories listed above.