The 10 Best Heat Lamp for Hedgehog 2022: Guide & Reviews

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Best Heat Lamp for Hedgehog

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If you think hedgehog care is a simple task, wait until you get to the part where you need to keep them warm. Arguably one of the most important parts of caring for hedgehogs. To live well, they need to be kept in a warm environment where they can sleep, roam freely, and hibernate. One way to make hedgehog care simple and more enjoyable is to purchase the best heat lamp for a hedgehog.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Heat Lamp

Before you rush off to purchase a heat lamp, there are certain factors you need to know and a few dangers you need to avoid. They include:

The Heat Needed

the amount of heat a lamp emits is one of the fundamental features to look out for in a heat lamp for the hedgehog. While some laps can emit up to 60 Watts, some are estimated at around 100 Watts. Based on the size of your hedgehog house, choose a lamp that would provide sufficient heat for your pet. Be careful not to choose a lamp that gives off too much heat as it might be dangerous to your pets.


The most common materials used in heat lamps are ceramic and clay materials. This is because they are rugged and are often waterproof.


The wiring of the lamp should be designed in a way that guarantees absolute safety for your pet. Features like the control switch should be present as it allows you to control the heat level.


Some lamps are compatible with any enclosure. These types are better than lamps that support just a single enclosure.


The best heat lamp for your hedgehog are lamps that provide heat but do not emit light. This way, your pet can sleep soundly without distraction or light interference. You should also look out for other features like rotational features and energy saving ability as they can come in handy when you need it.

Top 10 Best Heat Hamp for Hedgehog

Simple Deluxe 150W Infrared Ceramic Reptile Heat Lamp

The Simple deluxe 150W Infrared ceramic heat lamp comes with top-quality that facilitates blood circulation for good health and a strong healing process. Designed to provide up to 24 hours of heat supply, the lamp does not emit visually detectable light and does not disturb your hedgehogs when they are asleep. Since the lamp features ceramic material, you need to wait for about 1 hour before turning off to prevent scalding. The temperature range is between 40 degrees and 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and it comes with a reflector light that guides the light to where you want it to be focused.


  • Multi-function lamp
  • 24-hour heat source
  • Wide temperature range


  • Don’t keep near wires because of heat

OMAYKEY Ceramic Heat Lamp

With 1-pcs digital thermometer, the OMAYKEY ceramic heat lamp qualifies as one of the best for hedgehogs. Made from a solid ceramics element, the heat lamp features 100W for radiating heat with zero light emission. Also, the lamp is easy to use as all you need to do to set it up is to screw it to a standard porcelain screw socket. The lamp which can be in use for up to 15000 hours has an input voltage of AC 90-120V. To avoid melting and related danger, you should not screw it to a plastic socket as it may melt the lamp holder.


  • Ceramic and metal material
  • No light emitted
  • Infrared and electrical heating source


  • Heat up fast. Maybe too fast

Hoke Flexible Clamp Lamp

Designed by Hoke, the Hoke flexible clamp lamp comes with a universal rotation feature that allows the lamp to rotate in any direction. This universal rotation feature is enhanced through a hanging hole where you can clip or hang onto a clamp design. The design also features some of the best built-in fuse-plug design that allows you to use the lamp with a heater, light bulb, infrared emitter, and UV lamp. As a plus, the lamp comes with a 1-year warranty to guarantee value for money.


  • Universal rotation feature
  • Built-in fuse design
  • Can be used with different light sources


  • Works with all bulb types but not all bulb size

Wuhostam 100W Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp

The Wuhostam 100W infrared ceramic heat lamp for hedgehog does not emit light. Instead, it comes with a perfect radiation heat feature that is enhanced by its solid ceramic build-up. It also features top-quality clay to make sure that the lamp is waterproof and crack-proof. The heat emitter can produce heat for up to 24 hours and has a lifespan of up to 15000 hours. Besides, it increases air temperature and is capable of penetrating the skin tissues to increase blood circulation and widen the blood vessels.


  • Healing properties
  • Waterproof and anti-crack
  • 24-hours heat supply


  • Cannot be used in a small terrarium

Zacro 60W Reptile Heat Lamp

Whether it is in an open area or a confined space, the Zacro 60W Reptile Heat Lamp comes with a good radiation feature that can work in any condition. To ensure better heat build-up and distribution, the heat lamp features flat-faced design instead of conical design. As a result, it lasts longer and is more efficient. Also, with 99% thermal efficiency, the lamp does not disturb your hedgehog’s sleep pattern. Before making use of the lamp, be sure to match the lamp with a ceramic E27 socket because other socket types may melt the holder and cause serious injuries.


  • A flat-faced design promotes lamp efficiency
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Ceramic materials


  • You can only know if it is working when it is warm, hence, you can burn yourself unknowingly

BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat Emitter

Designed with a 1-year guarantee that covers full refund or free replacement, the BOEESPAT ceramic heat emitter provides a constant light source for your hedgehog. Made from Ni-Cr-Alloy resistance wire for fast heating, the lamp produces sufficient heat that is different from the natural heat provided by the sun. It also features high-purity potter clay to tackle rugged handling and make sure that it does not break easily when handled. More on the heating, an annular filament distribution ensures effective and even distribution of heat. In all, the lamp is sturdy and ensures that less heat gets to the socket.


  • Annular filament heat distributor
  • Waterproof and anti-crack
  • Heat without bright light


  • Comparably low wattage

BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

Designed to last for about 10,000 the BYB ceramic infrared heat emitter is perfect for maintaining high humidity in terrariums. It can only be used with only an E26 porcelain socket to prevent scalding but the heat emitter supplies sufficient air temperature necessary for healing and blood circulation. The lamppost design ensures that the heat is more concentrated in surface areas and no sleep-disturbing light is emitted. The wire features Ni-Cr alloy that can withstand 24 hours of continuous heating without melting.


  • High energy efficiency
  • No lighted emitted out
  • Sturdy lamppost


  • You have to wait for the lamp to warm up as an indication that it still works

FYS Heat Lamp

Hedgehogs and other small pets need a constant heat source to manage environmental temperature changes. The FYS heat lamp is one of the heat lamps that we recommend to avoid disasters for weak hedgehogs and the new babies. Besides keeping them warm, the lamp is energy-saving and does not emit light. This way, your pets can sleep for as long as they want without the light as a distraction. As a stable heating source, the FYS heat lamp can last for up to 20,000 hours and can be used in a wet environment.


  • 20,000 hours of use
  • Energy-saving and stable heating solution
  • 100W infrared heat


  • You cannot touch during use


The adjustable NOMOYPET clamp lamp comes with a universal rotational head that makes it possible to rotate the lamp 360-degrees in any direction. For convenience, the lamp design also features a clamp and a hanging hole where you can hang it to or clip it on during use. To ensure security and a better easy-to-use function, it has a control switch that can be used to regulate the lamp. The sockets are made out of ceramics and they can fit heaters, infrared emitters, and light bulbs.


  • Hanging hole and clamp design
  • Universal lamp head
  • 360-head rotation


  • Doesn’t come with a bulb

DADYPET Reptile Heat Lamp

For faster metabolism and calcium absorption, the DADYPET reptile heat lamp provides sufficient heat needed to prevent metabolic diseases and aid bone growth. The UVB output is similar to the one found in a desert environment, thus providing a somewhat natural heat supply. The lamp also comes with a 360-degrees rotational feature and is easy to use. The light holder can be used to hold different E27 lamps and supports 75 Watt.


  • 360-degrees rotatable clip light
  • High safety
  • Aid metabolism


  • Fits in after little adjustment

Your hedgehog requires as much care as you do. To manage their heat needs, you can purchase any of the lamps listed above. Each lamp promises value in return for every amount spent.