Top 10 Best Hedgehog House Reviews 2022

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Best Hedgehog House

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If you see a hedgehog scurrying in your garden, then you are so very lucky!

Hedgehogs were once familiar inhabitants of waste grounds, railways embankments, cemeteries, gardens, and parks. However, in the most recent years, their numbers continued to decline at an alarming rate and these nocturnal animals are now a rare sight, usually only spotted out in daylight when they are unwell or distress. Why don’t you give the best hedgehog house?

So, if you are quite alarmed with such news and you got one that seemingly returns to your garden every time, then you need to make sure that you provide these endangered species the survival opportunities for breeding, foraging and hibernating by creating a welcoming and safe haven with the best hedgehog house in the market today.

10 Best Hedgehog House

1. Wildlife World Hogitat Hedgehog Home

Another safe hedgehog retreat from Wildlife World, the Hogitat is specifically designed to be an appealing and attractive safe retreat and home for garden hedgehogs. Featuring a rust-proof and sturdy steel frame, it should stand tall against the harsh outdoor weather and prying predators.

It also has a waterproof roof with an appealing natural finish as well as a predator defense tunnel in order to stop foxes and other animals from getting them. Designed to look great and blend into any garden setting, the Hogitat will comfortably nestle into the garden and attracts curious hogs. It is very easy to maintain and install and is made from all natural materials.

2. Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog House

Another hedgehog house model from Wildlife World, the Hogilow is a stylish hedgehog home which offers good protection. It is designed to ensure a safe retreat for hedgehogs which is easy to clean and access while everything inside stays warm, dry and free of harm.

Its exterior is made from recycled plastic that offers exceptional insulation. The interior, on the other hand, is made from plywood that ensures durability and comfortability, so it should last for several years. Thanks to its swivel lid design, the house can be easily accessedfor cleaning and will keep the hog inside safe from predator while its overhanging design ensures that rain will never be a problem.

Moreover, it has a raised battened feet that keep it off the ground and offers better protection against rotting. The entrance of the house is predator proof, so there are no safety concerns for the hedgehog that will live there.

3. Riverside Woodcraft Golden Brown Hedgehog House

This wooden house makes a wonderful shelter for wandering hedgehogs in your garden. Made from sturdy and durable woods, this house comes with an insulated and weatherproof roof which will keep your garden hedgehog dry and warm all through the year.

Its roof can also be flipped open for easy cleaning and viewing of the inside. Plus, it can also be locked which keeps it securely in placed and prevent predators from getting inside through the roof. For extra safety, this house comes with a long entrance tunnel that leads to the main room in order to prevent predators from clawing their way to the hogs.

The house features a resin-bounded floor which improves its insulation. It is compact enough to fit in your garden, but still spacious to provide comfortable space for the hogs to live in.

4. GreatGardensOnline Tom Chambers Hedgehog House

Thee Tom Chambers Hedgehog House features great design and quality construction which make it a must-have for anyone who wants to provide a comfy home for their garden hedgehogs.

Constructed from thick hardwood, its walls offer great insulation for hibernating hogs as well as a nice cooling shelter for warmer days. It features a sloped roof, ensuring that rain will not enter and ruin or soak the interior of the house. It also has a slate material which offers exceptional sturdiness and durability that will last for many years to come.

With a dimension of 27 x 26 x 49 centimeters, this is probably one of the most spacious hedgehog houses available. It can be an ideal retreat house for a family of hogs.

5. Wildlife World Hedgehog House Care Pack

Another Hogitat model from Wildlife World, only this one comes in a pack, so it is ideal for beginners. This Hogitat offers valuable dwelling for hedgehogs so they can be protected from predators such as dogs and cats as well as human activities such as garden forks and bonfires.

Its roof is made water-resistant felt and comes with a sturdy coated steel frame and a natural brushwood finish. The house comes with a narrow tunnel entrance which acts as a deterrent to predators.

The house care pack comes with a hundred grams Spikes Meaty Feast Hedgehog Food that attract wandering hogs to use the house. It also includes a laminated hedgehog guise that provides the necessary info on hedgehogs such as feeding, care,and health.

6. Everything Wildlife Hedgehog House

A purposeful and robust product, the Hedgehog House from Everything Wildlife offers a safe dwelling for garden hedgehogs and is suitable for breeding and hibernations. Featuring heavy construction from sturdy and durable FSC certified timbers, this house will have the strength and durability to last for several years.

Its roof is double-skinned for weather protection as well as insulation, while its raised timber floor makes sure to keep the damp out and prevent flooding. Its all-screwed, robust construction can withstand strimming or crushing. The house comes with a constructed internal tunnel that deters predators and for the safety of the hedgehogs inside.

7. Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog Care Pack

Amazon’s Choice for “Hedgehog Igloo”, this igloo care pack from Wildlife World provides you with everything that you need in setting up a little home for your garden hedgehog. This igloo house provides a nice dwelling for hedgehogs, whereas the food package and care guide cover the basic to get things started.

Made from a combination of brushwood exterior and metal framing, this hedgehog igloo is an awesome little shelter to keep hedgehogs safe from predators. Its design also allows it to naturally blend with any garden landscape, making it appealing for curious hogs seeking shelter.

In order to increase the chances of a hedgehog settling in the igloo, it also comes with a hundred grams of Spikes Meat Feast Food for Hedgehogs that attracts hungry hedgehogs passing by. Moreover, there is a hedgehog field included in the pack that provides all kinds of useful info to attract these creatures and keep them safe in your garden.

8. The Hutch Company Predator-Proof Hedgehog House

Amazon’s Bestseller for Hedgehog Houses, this one from The Hutch Company comes with a removable roof and secure fixings, making it predator-proof that guarantees any wild hedgehog safety.

It also has a fixed base, so that it can’t fall over or be toppled by the wind or any curious predator. This hedgehog house is also treated with an Anti-Bacterial Marcide Coating in order to prevent any disease from spreading. Guaranteed durable and sturdy, it is constructed from construction timber and comes with a storing felt roof.

9. Riverside Woodcraft Eco Hedgehog House

The Eco Hedgehog House from Riverside Woodcraft is a great dwelling for wild hedgehogs and offers great protection against wet and cold weather as well as preventing predators from having an unwanted access to the house. It also has a staged entrance that attracts hedgehog to see the inside.

Made from solid and thick wood, this sturdy home provides a pleasant retreat for hedgehogs to nest. It also has a durable resin bonded floor that will keep them warm and avoids dampening, so it should last for many years without rotting away.

The Eco House is made from recycled plastic material and is entirely weatherproof which ensures that the interior will remain dry all through the year. Plus, it is also slopped in order to avoid water buildups and provide drainage. The roof also doubles as a lid with a hinged design that can be flipped open with ease for easy access on the inside— plus, it can also be locked to ensure that there is no unwanted access.

10. Johnston & Jeff Wooden Hedgehog House

This wooden hedgehog house from Johnston & Jeff is another great dwelling for wandering hedgehogs in your garden. This house comes fully assembled, saving you a lot of time and effort, just take it out of the box, find a good area to place it and watch curious hedgehogs enter their new home.

Made of plywood and softwood, this house offers enough insulation as well as durability. Beautifully stained in light wood color, it blends very well to any garden environment.

Hedgehog House Buying Tips

Two Sections

A good hedgehog house offers more than one internal section. Having 2 separate rooms increases their safety living there by making it difficult for any predators to get their paws inside. Plus, it also benefits hedgehogs that will nest there.

So, if you do not mind spending a bit of money for a multi-room house, then you should go with 2 sections.

Do not forget the Tunnel

A tunnel offers a safe entrance into the house. So, you need to look for a house with one, in order to keep your garden hogs as safe as possible. Otherwise, you can also create your own tunnel entrance with just a few pieces of wood slab or bricks.

Choosing the Material

Hedgehog house comes in various materials. Some may be cheaper but some offer durability. Here are the two most common materials used in a hedgehog house:


Some hedgehog house features a metal framing. These are usually the most affordable options. However, metal frames can cause condensation. But, if you are on a tight budget, then metal is still a good option. Just make sure to check for sharp edges that might injure a hog. Also, try to pin down the house, since they are a bit lighter compared to other materials.


This is the most popular house material since they blend really well in a garden setting. It also offers a good insulation and will keep cold or rain at bay. When choosing wood, make sure that you get woods that are varnished and stained for better durability.

How to Make Your Garden Hedgehog-Friendly?

There is a good chance that a hedgehog might have passed through your garden before, but in order to make them stay, you need to your garden hedgehog-friendly. You will want to encourage them to enter your garden, by leaving a small opening on your fences or you can dig a trench for them to come through.

After that, you need to leave some encouragement for them to stay. You can put a small dish of food and water. Hedgehogs love veggies, however, they are especially attracted to biscuits and cat foods.

Where Should You Put Your Hedgehog House?

It is important that you leave the hedgehog house in a suitable spot in order to increase the chances of attracting wandering hedgehogs. Try to look for a place that is sheltered from the wind and stay dry and avoid places that usually become waterlogged.

The best place for a hedgehog house is under a large shrub, under a hedge or similar concealed places in order to make it look natural as possible. A shaded area works great, too, since too much sun can cause the house to overheat as well as the hedgehog inside. Also, never bury the house in the ground since it makes it more susceptible to damp. Instead, try to create some flooring before the house with slabs of bricks and wood in order to keep water away.

Should You Keep Food Near The House?

It is important to know that foods should never be left inside the hedgehog house, nor near it. Although it may give hedgehogs an easy access to food, it can also attract other animals including predators and pest.

Instead, you can create a second shelter as your feeding station. It does not need to be a second hedgehog house, however a makeshift shelter should be enough.