Top 7 Best Hedgehog Cages 2022: Reviews & Guide

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Choosing the best cage for your pet hedgehog is important. These tiny creatures usually live in the wild, so you need a find a habitat that suits their active, yet shy, needs.

With the overwhelming amount of cages available though, how do you find the best hedgehog cage for your pet?

In the following article, we’ll handle the stress for you by using our pet owner experience to lay out the factors you should consider when buying a cage, and look at our favorite hedgehog cages on the market.

Top 7 Best Hedgehog Cages

Critter Nation with Stand by Midwest Homes

The Critter Nation is a 36″L x 24″W x 63″H three-level cage with two stories (and lockable doors) that let hedgehogs climb around freely and safely.

Midwest Homes understands the natural wild habitat hedgehogs are drawn to, so they built this cage to mimic the height and climb they’d find on real trees. Furthermore, it’s roomy and encourages your hedgehog to run around safely and engage in their natural behavior.

There’s even room for accessories to further personalize this cage.

The only downside is the high cost, but you can’t put a price on this level of intuitive living.

Why we like it

  • Enclosed by horizontal wire with minimal spacing to prevent your hedgie from getting hurt.
  • Easily accessible for cleaning and feeding.
  • Leak-proof structure.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is a spacious cage that comes in 3 sizes – standard, large, and x-large.

It’s built with non-toxic, quality plastic and metal wire for the base and frame, respectively. The x-large size is the most recommended because of the extra space your hedgie gets without extreme extra costs.

The smooth, flat plastic base is safe for your hedgehog’s tiny feet to roam around comfortably and makes cleaning the cage easier. At a depth of 7.5 inches, this base ensures your pet won’t climb out, nor will any of the bedding.

There’s also the tip-proof dish, which prevents your hedgie from knocking its food over and saves you from cleaning up constant spillage. The wired top keeps the cage ventilated and fresh, perfect for managing odors and your pet’s air quality.

The best part though is the veranda-esque landing in the cage that’s accessible with a ramp, and excellent for giving your hedgie extra playroom and control over its enviorment.

Why We Like It

  • Tip-proof bowl is convenient for both you and your hedgehog.
  • Can be opened from the top, which makes it easier to clean and prevents your pet from getting out unattended.
  • Door opening on the front for better access to your pet.
  • Easily assembled without the need for extra tools.
  • Optional accessories including a bowl, water holder, and hay storage.

Pet Habitat by AmazonBasics

This easy-build hedgehog cage comes at a fantastic wallet-friendly price, yet is comparable in performance with the popular Living World Cage.

It has wide openings at the top and front, giving you easy access to cleaning, feeding, and pampering, and inside the habitat, there’s a balcony, a hideout for safety and resting, and a ramp that allows your pet to happily travel up and down.

The dimensions of this cage will give your pet plenty of space to play and roam, and the food bowl, hay guard, and water bottle are all ergonomically designed to fit the cage with your pet in mind. The base is also flat and plastic so your hedgehog will be able to navigate the cage safely.

Overall, this is a well-sized, affordable, and secure cage that’s worth the savings.

Why We Like It

  • Execellent affordabilty with high-end features.
  • The frame is made of sturdy iron wire and the base is made of quality plastic material that renders a comfy environment to your pet.
  • Assembled without the need for extra tools.
  • It has a limited 1-year warranty.

Chew Proof High Rise Cage by Ware Manufacturing

This Chew Proof High Rise cage offers your hedgie three stories of adventure, as well as protection from larger animals. It’s easy for your hedgie to look like a potential chew toy to larger pets, like dogs, but with this cage, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe.

Speaking of chew, this cage is chew-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your pet ingesting any harmful materials.

The real highlight of this cage though is the optional 10-gallon aquarium that takes your hedgehog to new heights. If you know your pet loves to climb and is full of restless energy, then this is the cage for you.

Why We Like It

  • You can attach a 10-gallon aquarium (not included in the package) to make it a high rise habitat.
  • Top door opening for easy access to your pet.
  • Contains slopes and shelves for your pet to roam around.

Small Animal Home by Prevue Pet Products

This cage from the makers at Prevue is the perfect size for your pet hedgehog. One of the best features of this cage is that it has two sets of doors. One large set at the top for easy access to your pet, and another smaller set at the side for conveniently inserting food or treats.

At 6.5 inches deep, the base of this hedgehog cage means your pet will have plenty of room to play and burrow without bedding finding its way out and over the sides.

With a ramp and platform included, you can customize how you want to design the space, and the tight wire spacing prevents your hedgie from any unplanned excursions.

The design itself is solid and sturdy, yet the wheels attached make it easy to move from room to room. It has a powder coating which is great for cleaning and squeak-free living.

Why We Like It

  • The two doors make for easy access and convenience.
  • A 6.5 in. deep base which offers more room for more accessories to be attached.
  • Proper bar positioning to keep your pet from escaping.
  • Made of lightweight materials.

Kaytee My First Home Habitat for Small Animals

A perfect starter cage for hedgehog owners, the Kaytee My First Home for Small Animals is made with a simple, yet seamless, design measuring at 30”L X 19.5”H X 18”W.

While a sizeable option, it’s also very lightweight and comes in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic.

This is not for owners who want a lot of extras and is best suited for those looking for just the basics. For example, it doesn’t have a top opening, only a front door, and doesn’t come with extra floors or accessories.

That said, there’s no reason your hedgie won’t fall in love with this cozy space and get the satisfaction it needs for a healthy life. Plus, it’s easier to maintain since there’s less to clean and manage.

Why We Like It

  • The upper cover is made out of tiny hardwires and has no opening, while the base is made of durable plastic materials.
  • It only weighs 8.82 lbs.

Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit by MidWest Homes for Pets

A home ideally for rabbits, but also recommended for hedgehogs, the Wabbitat Deluxe features a water bottle, a removable hay feeder, and an elevated feeding area, which makes space for a cozy hiding hole underneath it.

The inch-wide mesh spacing allows for plenty of ventilation and gives your hedgehog a clear view of its surroundings, while the deep base keeps things tidy on the inside.

The dimensions of this hedgehog cage give your pet lots of room to move, play, and explore, but it can also be expanded for extra nesting, litter, or a wood hutch.

Accessing the inside of the cage is made easy with its full-width side door, which lifts overhead, and fitted top door.

Why We Like It

  • Can expand for more space.
  • The feeding area is located in a higher area to prevent the base from getting messy.
  • The side door can be totally opened.
  • The base is 5.5 in. deep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Appropriate Space for the Hedgehog Cage?

While hedgehogs are small, they’re extremely active and need enough space to burrow, play, and explore.

Consider how much space you have for the cage, but keep in mind it will need to be close to a power outlet in order to use certain accessories like heating lamps or pads to keep your hedgehog warm and comfortable.

The cage location should be big enough so you can buy a decent-sized cage to avoid your hedgehog being cramped. After all, they will spend most of their time in the cage so it is paramount that they thrive in the space.

As a minimum, a hedgehog cage should be 4 ft by 2 ft – there is no upward limit. Anything less risks detriment to your hedgie’s health.

They will need room for a few toys and space to play, as well as space to rest and relax. You will also want to make sure there is plenty of room for an exercise wheel, a litter box, space to eat, and a sleeping bag.

The cage should also be well ventilated; cage size and cage location are key to this.

Can I Put Two Hedgehogs Together in One Cage?

One characteristic of hedgehogs is that they’re anti-social, and for that reason, it’s advised not to put two hedgehogs in one cage since they might hurt each other.

If you do decide to put them together in one cage, take the responsibility to examine them once in a while to ensure their safety.

How Can I Add Comfort to My Hedgehog Cage?

Active hedgehogs need a place to rest and putting soft bedding (such as paper shavings, towels, pillowcases and so on) on the base of its cage helps add comfort when resting. But make sure the material you use is absorbent and hypo-allergenic.

You should also avoid base surfaces made of wire or mesh, which are rough on hedgehog’s tiny feet. They also have poor eyesight, so selecting a cage with a flat base surface gives the hedgehog the best chance of living a healthy, happy existence.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cage

Bar Spacing

Since hedgehogs have very tiny feet, consider a 1 in. or less bar spacing to avoid your pet from escaping.

Ease Of Cleaning

You should clean your hedgehog’s cage at least once a week, so you want a cage that makes this as fuss-free as possible. Choosing a cage with multiple doors and a smooth flat base helps make the cleaning process easier.

Quality Ventilation

These creatures are sensitive to smelling unpleasant odors, like urine, so having a wireframe on the top of the cage serves as excellent ventilation for the pet.

Additional Accessories

Accessories such as water and food holders, ramps, hideout sections, elevated areas, and more are important to the well-being of your pet. Consider what accessories your cage comes with, and which will benefit your pet most.

What To Do Next

Hedgehogs make wonderful companions when housed and cared for correctly.

The best hedghog cages are easily found on the market and are typically inexpensive. Even if you already have a habitat for your hedgie, it’s worth checking out the options above and seeing if there’s something you’re missing.

Take it from us hedgehog lovers, it’s worth investing in the perfect cage for you and your pet.