The 10 Best Hedgehog Wheel Reviews 2022

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Like any other pets, hedgehogs also need sufficient exercise to stay strong and healthy. However, unlike any other pets, you cannot simply leash your hedgehog and take it outside for a walk, or by allowing them to run free in the backyard. That is why you’ll need to look for the best hedgehog wheel for your little spikey.

If you have been in the market to look for a wheel, you’ll notice that you have a wide variety of choices which makes it harder for you to choose the best wheel. Therefore, to make things easier, in this article we will review the best exercise wheel for your little pet.

Top 10 Best Hedgehog Wheel

1. Exotic Nutrition Exercise Wheel Silent Runner

The one thing that you need to always remember is that, when it comes to choosing a new wheel for your hedgehog, it should be large enough to accommodate its body. Smaller wheels aren’t suitable for them and can hurt your pet’s spine. But with this product, you won’t encounter those kinds of problems.

Unlike other products, this wheel doesn’t come with a center axle. Therefore, there is no risk for your pet to suffer from any spinal or tail injuries. On top of that, it is impossible for your pet’s fur to get entangled because of the wheel’s design.


  • It has a diameter of 12 inches
  • It doesn’t come with a center axle
  • Specifically designed for hedgehogs
  • Bean-shaped openings prevent minor slips
  • Safe running surface


  • It is a bit noisy
  • It can be hard to clean to clean

2. Kaytee Comfort Wheel

This exercise wheel is available in three sizes, you can either get a small, large, or a giant wheel. You can use the wheel as a free-standing wheel or attach it on your pet’s wired enclosure with a two-way attachment clip. This wheel’s surface is made of a solid material to ensure your pet’s safety, while also making it comfortable for them to run on to.

Encourage your pet’s healthy lifestyle with this product. The wheel also features a safe and solid running surface, but in quiet operation and certified to have a tail-safe design. The large-sized wheel has a diameter of about 8.5 inches, if you want to use a larger wheel, Kaytee also offers a giant-sized exercise wheel.


  • It can be used in two ways
  • It has a strong and solid surface
  • You have three optional sizes
  • Available in different colors


  • It can be noisy
  • It would sometimes have balancing problems

3. Love Hamster Exercise Wheel

This wheel is specifically made for small pets that are under 3.5 oz. This item comes in an 8.3-inch diameter which is ideal for gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, and other small pets. If your hedgehog weighs more than 3.5 oz, it could potentially make the wheel a bit noisy.

The wheel also has a thick wheel design, which makes the product more durable and detachable design to make assembly much easier. The wheel’s circular edge can keep your pet more secure, and it is designed to be more rugged to effectively prevent the biting behavior of your pet. If your hedgehog weighs no more than 3.5 oz, the wheel can work silently.


  • It has optional size and colors
  • Ideal for your small hedgehog
  • It is very quiet when in use
  • It is made of a non-slip plastic
  • Prevents biting behavior
  • Durable enough to last for a long time


  • It isn’t suitable for larger hamsters

4. Ware Manufacturer Flying Saucer Wheel

There are a lot of customers that claims that this wheel is ideal for exercising equipment for their pet. This saucer measures about 7.25-inch in width, 7.25-inch in depth, and about 4. 25-inch in height. This unique model can accommodate your hedgehog’s needs, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle for them.

One of its great features is that it can keep your pet’s tail and feet safe, so there is no need for you to worry about your hedgehog’s well-being when it’s using the wheel. In addition to its features, the manufacturers have specifically designed this product to be completely silent when in use.


  • It comes in a medium size
  • It’s made of durable plastic material
  • It is very easy to clean
  • Functions smoothly and quietly
  • It has a sturdy outline for stableness


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Your pet might not like it due to personality

5. Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Wheel

Due to the sizes of hedgehogs, you are required to use a larger for their comfort. This wheel is made from wood and metal, which makes it more durable and stable than other plastic constructed wheels. Since this isn’t made from plastic, your pet won’t chew on plastic keeping your pet safe for years. This product has an open wheel design with a wide surface for running.

This wheel has dual ball bearings to provide long-lasting performance, replacement bearings are also available for purchase. The wheel is completely silent when in use, however, since this is specifically designed for chinchillas, it might be too large to fit in your pet’s wired cage. The wheel is about 15 inches, so make sure that your hedgehog’s cage is large enough to fit this exercise wheel.


  • It has a safe open wheel design
  • Durable enough to last for a lifetime
  • It has great value
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • It is very sturdy


  • It is a bit heavy
  • It won’t fit in small cages

6. Kaytee Exercise Wheel Silent Spinner

Compared to other Kaytee products, this exercise wheel is the company’s quietest model. It is specifically designed to function quietly for both the owner’s and pet’s comfort, this product comes in three optional sizes. You can either choose a mini, regular, or a giant-sized wheel. Each wheel is made of durable plastic material to ensure its longevity.

Since it is durable enough to last for a long time, you can encourage your hedgehog to exercise regularly. Also, the wheel is designed to be comfortable to be used by small pets and easy to use. You can either use this wheel as a free-standing wheel or as a mounted wheel by clipping at the side of your pet’s wired cage.


  • It works silently
  • Available in three sizes
  • It can be used in two ways
  • It’s a diameter of 12 inches
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle


  • Your pet might have a hard time spinning the wheel
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty

7. Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield

Although this product is from Suncoast Sugar Gliders, the wheel is pretty much suitable for all sizes od hedgehogs. This wheel is made from the USA and about 11-inches in diameter, but it stands around 12 inches when mounted on a stand. It is also included with a protective wall-to-wall tail shield, which ensures your pet’s safety by preventing it from slipping and hurting its small feet.

The Wodent Wheel can provide years of running an exercise for your pet. If you want to keep your pet’s nails trimmed, you can also get their Nail-O-Matic product to instantly trim their nails while using the wheels. With an affordable price, you can now get a wheel that is made of high-quality and safe enough for your pet to use daily.


  • It is wide tracked
  • The running surface is made of solid materials
  • Very easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Very safe to use
  • Stands about 12-inch tall


  • It is only available in one size
  • It can trap feces

8. Lee’s Kritter Krawler Ball

Aside from wheels, one of the most liked exercising materials used for small pets is the ball. Unlike wheels, the ball-shaped wheel can provide more benefits for your little rodent. It allows your pet to have the exercise it needs, while it also gets to roam your house safely.

While your hedgehog roaming around your house while inside this ball, you can prevent from going under hard-to-reach areas like fridge, bed, or cabinets, and it can also keep your pet safe from getting by a cat or a dog, or by getting stepped on. The ball is designed with ribs for easy gripping and with lots of small vertical holes for proper ventilation.


  • It is about 10 inches in diameter
  • Spacious enough to keep your pet comfortable
  • Made of shatter-resistant plastic
  • Safe and sturdy enough
  • It can be opened at both ends


  • Despite its ventilation holes, your pet shouldn’t be kept inside for long periods of time
  • It makes a bit of a noise when rolling on the floor

9. Petzilla Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

If you are looking for something different, other than single-colored exercise wheels, then you might love this wheel as it comes with different colors and has a cute design. And as for the materials used, the wheel is made of wood and metal, unlike most wheel products that are made of plastic. Its other feature that is worth mentioning is that can either be mounted on the cage or as a free-standing wheel.

This product comes in either 7.5 inches or 9 inches, which is suitable for a fully grown up hedgehog. During assembling, make sure that you screw the wheel on the stand in a perfectly straight position, which is to prevent the plastic screw from clacking against the pole. If you have assembled the wheel on the stand perfectly, the wheel would be perfectly silent while in use.


  • It can be used in two ways
  • It’s available in four various colors
  • It is made of wood and metal
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Wide enough to provide comfort for your pet
  • It is very silent when installing properly
  • Very easy to clean


  • Not suitable for larger pets
  • Your pet’s feet may get caught in the small cracks
  • The wheel can be hard to spin for smaller hedgehogs

10. Kaytee Snap-On Comfort Wheel

This is another type of wheel that is commercially sold in most pet markets. This kind of wheel is specifically designed for small rodents including hedgehogs. When you visit a store, this wheel is readily available and just waiting to be purchased, which means you’ll have no trouble looking for this kind of exercise wheel.

However, the only downside of this wheel is that the shaft at the center if the wheel can rub your pets back while running. This can be uncomfortable for your pet, and it can even cause injuries on your hedgehog’s back. Despite being designed for comfort and safety for your pet, it is still a bit small for fully grown hedgehogs.


  • It is available in assorted colors
  • It features a comfortable grip
  • The wheel is about 6.75 inch in diameter
  • Wide enough to bring comfort to your pet


  • It is too small for hedgehogs
  • Produces noise
  • It can hurt your hedgehog’s feet

2 Types of Wheels You Should Avoid

There are a lot of different types of wheels that you can choose from for your pet, some of it is good for them and some of them are not. Each wheel has their own pros and cons, therefore when you are in doubt, ask or search for reviews about the product.

Here are two types of wheels that you should avoid using for your hedgehog:

Mesh Wheels

Wheels that are made of mesh wires of any size can be dangerous for your little hedgehog. It can catch their toenails or the whole foot and cause bleeding or even breaking their legs. Therefore, this type of wheel should be avoided.

Crossbars Wheel

This can be dangerous for your hedgehog, especially when they step off the exercise wheel while it’s still moving. Your pet could acquire injuries when it hits the crossbars when stepping off the wheel.


Whenever you think of purchasing equipment for your hedgehog’s enclosure, make sure that the product that you are about to buy has a lot of good reviews, especially if you want to provide your pet with the best hedgehog wheel. Make sure that it is comfortable, it won’t catch your pet’s feet between the rungs, wide enough for comfort, and large enough for them to run on to avoid spine injuries.