Best Litter & Litter Box for Hedgehogs: Top 10 Picks for 2022

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Litter for Hedgehogs

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Cleaning the poop of your hedgehog can be a challenging task. However, litter training a hedgehog actually makes cleaning more enjoyable and faster. Not only that, you’ll have more time to play with your pet. But in order to make your litter training, you should have the best litter for hedgehogs as well as a litter box.

But due to lots of available options on the market, today choosing the best has never been an easy endeavor. So to help you and other hedgehog owners, in this content, we have compiled the best litters for hedgehogs where you can choose. Either way, all the product that we will be reviewing are available on Amazon.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Litters for Hedgehogs

1. Small Animal Critter Litter by Kaytee

This litter is made of 100 percent non-toxic bentonite –all-natural minerals. With that said, the Small Animal Critter Litter is safe for your pet. Apart from that, this litter is capable of absorbing humidity on contact as well as helps in controlling your pet’s waste odor. In fact, it absorbs 10x its weight when in the water. Another good thing about this product is that it is 99 percent dust-free.

The Kaytee critter litter is ideal for rabbits, ferrets, and other small animals like hedgehogs. However, if you combine this product with a potty training course, you will definitely lessen the cage cleaning by more than 30 percent.

2. Kaytee Small Animal Potty Training Litter

Similar to the first product this potty litter by Kaytee as well is made of all-natural and non-toxic minerals. This product is very easy and convenient to use as it packed it an easy-pour and re-sealable bag.

On the other hand, this will reduce the cage cleaning time by 30 percent. Furthermore, it is quite cheap yet effective to use for litter training. Nevertheless, this is best-suited for gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs, and other small animals.

3. Paper Small Animal Litter by Fresh News

This paper small animal litter is one of the best litters for the environment, your, and more importantly for your pet. One good thing about this product is that it eliminates odors quickly keeping the habitat of your pet fresh all the time, thanks to its ammonia locker technology.

The Fresh News litter is super absorbent meaning to say it can offer a long-lasting effect making it a cost-effective product. In addition to that, it is made of 100 percent post-consumer biodegradable paper. Nevertheless, it is proven effective and safe for all small animals, as well as rabbits and ferrets.

4. So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter

As the name implies, this paper pellet litter from So Phresh is ideal for all little and small animals. This safe product consists of baking soda which is proven effective in controlling odor.

Another good thing about this litter is that it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The So Phresh Litter is made of 100 percent recycled paper which won’t tear apart when wet. Furthermore, it is a super absorbent as well as low-dust litter.

5. Kaytee Kay-Kob Bedding and Litter

With Kaytee bedding and litter for small animals, you will be able to give your pet an odor-free as well as dry habitat. This all-natural eliminates odor quickly and it is highly absorbent. Since it does not either cling or stick to your pet’s habitat cage, it makes cleaning a lot easier.

You can make use of it as a litter or bedding for small pets and even pets. On the other hand, it is not suggested for use with a reptile because if ingested it may possibly cause a gastrointestinal blockage.

Nevertheless, this eco-friendly product is 99.9% dust-free for a safer and cleaner cage.

6. Sharpless N Grant Litt’a’ Litter Pet Cage Toilet

This product is ideal for litter training your small pet. The Sharpless N Grant Litt’a’ Litter is specially formulated, dust-free, and more importantly, hypo-allergenic.

In addition to that, this litter smells fresh, moisture absorbent, and 100 percent natural. The good thing about this product is that it is hygienic and at the same time safe.

Using this litter is very easy. All you have to do is just add it to your hedgehog’s litter box. Either way, make sure to change the litter very seven to 10 days for a fresher and cleaner habitat.

7. Small Pet Paper Bedding by Natures Pet Bedding

For hedgehog and other pet owners who have already tried wood chips or paper but scared of possible health risks then this product is perfect for you. This bedding or litter for hedgehogs and other pets like a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, and gerbil can trap feces and fluids while helping for airflow.

As a matter of fact, it is a dust-free item and it is specially made for animals or pets that have allergies. On the other hand, this small pet paper bedding is made with unscented chemicals that produce pungent chemical smells when wet.

Its biodegradable design, however, breaks down more rapidly compared to cedar wood shavings and pine. Nevertheless, it super absorbent thus you are certain that your spiny friend is comfortable all the time.

8. Winship Stake and Lath Organic Small Animal Critter Litter

This 100 percent organic wood shaving litters for small animals is sustainable and affordable. The Winship Stake and Lath Organic Small Animal Critter Litter is great for hedgehogs, birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, and even chickens.

Apart from that, this made in the USA litter is extremely comfortable, soft, and sturdy. Similar to the other litters on our list, this one has a long-lasting effect.

Nevertheless, since the manufacturer of this product cares about the happiness and health of all pets and animals and we know you do as well a portion of the proceeds from every purchase will be given to the Mary S. Roberts Animal Adoption Center which is located in Riverside, California.

9. Supreme Pellets Natural Litter/Bedding Kaytee

The pet and bird all-natural Liter offers superior odor control and absorbency.As the name implies this can be used as a bird cage litter and bedding for small animals such as hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and more. As a matter of fact, this product biodegradable as well as 100 percent organic.

In addition to that, it can resist mold growth and absorbs ammonia. Just like any other products, it eliminates odor more rapidly and most importantly, maintains a natural and fresh aroma.

10. Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding

This bedding for small animals like hedgehog can control odor for up to two weeks owing to its odor blocker formula. Furthermore, this extremely soft crumbles can absorb three times their weight, especially when in liquid.

This product is proven safe to use. In fact, it is made of non-toxic, unbleached, and 100 percent recycled paper. With that said, it isn’t only healthy for the animals but for the surroundings or environment as well.

Aside from that, it is also easy to clean and 99.5 percent dust-free. Since it is easy to clean you will surely spend more time playing with your spiny pet. The manufacturer’s formula that is free from baking soda absorbs and locks is moisture more rapidly.

There you have it the 10 best litter hedgehogs where you can choose from. Either way, your litter training will not be completed without a litter box. So if you don’t have a litter boxyet then continue reading this content.

In addition to the best litters, we have also compiled some of the best litter boxes for hedgehogs in this content. Nevertheless, if you are excited to start your litter training then here are the best litter boxes where you can choose from.

The 4 Best Litter Boxes for Hedgehogs

1. Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan

This litter pan from Ware Manufacturing sports a securing locking and simple design. It is made of durable, and odor as well as stain-resistant plastic. This product has a total dimension of 12 ½ inches by 8 ¼ inches by 6 inches. In fact, it is very easy to clean and attaching this on cage wires is relatively easy as well. Nevertheless, with this litter pan, you will be able to avoid messy spills.

2. Mkono Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box for Small Animals

This litter box has a grid floor design that can be removed and keeps messes away from your pet. The Mkono Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box is made of premium quality plastic. It is extremely durable and has a non-stick surface that makes cleaning easier and more convenient.

On the other hand, this litter box has a total dimension of 9 ½ inches by 6 ½ inches by 4 inches. However, its size is best-suited for small hedgehogs and other small animals such as guinea pigs, baby rabbit, and hamsters. Keep in mind that this litter box is pretty small and it is not for larger or adult animals.

Nevertheless, this product comes with fastened hooks as well as holes that are specifically designed to securely hold the litter tray to your pet’s cage in order to prevent slipping.

3. WYOK Easy-to-Clean Litter Box

This easy to clean, durable, and strong litter box is made of environmental-friendly materials. It has a total dimension of 11 inches (long) by 8.6 inches (wide) by 6 inches (high) by 3 inches (depth).

With this litter box from WYOK, you will be able to potty train your hedgehog and other small animals to keep their cages tidy and clean at the same time.

Moreover, it comes equipped with cage hooks which will securely hold the litter tray to your pet’s cage.

4. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box

It is a standalone litter box that is made from recycled paper that will leak or shred. This product sports a unique design which lets the air pass over the box drying the litter completely.

This disposable and waterproof litter box is made of durable material. When it comes to disposing the box, it is actually guilt-free and very easy.

What’s more, its inbuilt baking soda offers additional protection from strong ammonia odors. This litter box has a 2-in-1 odor control technology that works to lessen tough pet odors. And since the air flows well the litter life will be extended.


Choosing the best liter and litter box for hedgehogs doesn’t have to be difficult. With proper knowledge and research, rest assured you will be able to find the right product that suits your pet’s needs.

Hopefully, this content has helped you a lot when it comes to choosing the best litter for your hedgehog. Don’t worry, all the products that we reviewed above are great options.