Best Horse Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Reviews 2022

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Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

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Are you looking for best horse vitamins and mineral supplement? Commercially formulated foods that are made for horses are most likely to satisfy your horse’s nutritional needs. The only problem with this kind of food is that it seems boring to most horses, which could cause them to eat less and less where there would be a shortage of essential nutrients.
Other fresh whole grains diet would be more tempting to a horse’s diet, but it wouldn’t contain enough vitamins and minerals that are essential to a horse’s nutritional needs. No matter what type of feeding you are doing for your horses, always consider adding some supplements that could help enhance your horse’s health. Continue reading down below find the best horse vitamin and mineral supplement.

Top 10 Best Horse Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Horse Guard Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

The first product on the list is the Horse Guard Vitamins and Mineral Supplement. This supplement is a wholesome food that contains beneficial and all-natural ingredients. Vitamin E and Organic Selenium are nutrients that enhance your disease resistance and accelerates your muscle recovery, while the yeast, probiotics, and prebiotics help heal your horses’ stomach and help with the digestion.

This supplement also contains additional zinc and biotin it’s a formula to ensure your horses’ wellness of its hooves and coat. if you are looking for a horse supplement that is formulated by a couple of nutrition experts for horses, then the Horse Guard is certainly the best product that you can count on.

Vita Flexx Accel Horse Supplement

This is an all rounded supplement that is specifically made for your horse’s well-being. its formula contains two up to 14 amino acids, which are needed in a horse’s nutritional needs. a lot of amino acids usually lacks in horses such as valine, isoleucine, and leucine.

All of these nutrients are necessary for increasing and maintaining your muscle tissue, as well as prevent protein breakdown. if your horses exercise regularly, the day will definitely need these nutrients.

Kentucky Performance Elevate Maintenance Powder

If you are looking for a specially formulated supplement that can help enhance your horses’ strength, the Kentucky Performance supplement might be the best option for you. Since horses cannot synthesize with vitamin E, they’ll have to consume it directly from foods that are rich in vitamin E.

Unfortunately, the kind of food for horses that is rich in vitamin E is fresh green grass, which is usually not available all year round, especially during summer and winter seasons. and this is when you need to add a supplement in your horses’ daily diet.

Redmond Rock Crushed Horse Supplement

horses usually get exhausted due to mineral deficiencies and dehydration, rather than giving them water to help quench their dehydration, you can boost your horses drink more by additionally feeding them with Redmond Rock, as it comes with natural trace minerals in them.

This product is actually made from Redmond that contains a hundred percent unrefined pure sea salt, which came from the Redmond salt deposit. Also, this supplement contains more than 60 types of minerals, which is essential to your horse’s nutritional needs.

Horse Guard Trifecta Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Here is another product from Horse Guard that can be a great supplemental option for your horses. This is a 4 in 1 supplement that can greatly benefit your horses’ health. As not only will it supply your horses with enough vitamins and minerals, but it also has some good impact on your horse’s joints, guts, and hooves.

Like the first Horse Guard supplement on this list, the Trifecta also has all the things that the first product has. Aside from vitamin E, selenium, yeast, biotin, probiotics, prebiotics, and zinc, the Trifecta also contains hyaluronic acid, MSM, and glucosamine which are all beneficial to your horse’s health.

Nutramax Cosequin ASU Horse Supplement

If you are aiming in enhancing your horse’s joints, you might love using this supplement that is made from Nutramax Cosequin. If your horse competes in horse racing, then you would want to keep your horse in tip-top shape to help him run an extra mile.

Horses are highly active animals, where in theory, their joints usually get stressed with all the action they make. This is the reason why Nutramax is made to help enhance your horses’ joints. This supplement is very easy to use as it comes in the form of powder, which you can shake on top of your horses’ meal.

Majesty’s Flex Horse Supplement Wafers

If you’re looking for a supplement that comes in the form of treats, then you should look for the Majesty’s Flex supplement wafers for horses. Aside from looking like a yummy treat, you can use this wafer supplement for the needed remedy on your horses’ aching joints.

And since this comes in the form of a wafer, you can easily offer this to your horses with your hand, as what would you do when you’re giving them treats. This supplement is designed, which allows you to be sure that your horse is getting the needed nutrients for their joints.

Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Supplement

Now, this supplement is quite different from the others on this list. not only will this supplement strengthen your horses’ hooves, but it will also prevent them from cracking down as well. usually, horses’ hooves are overlooked when looking for a supplement which you can add to their diet. it’s important to maintain your horses’ hooves, as this is what carries their weight throughout the day.

Farnam is made with high-quality ingredients that can be easily digested by a horse while ensuring that the supplement provides the needed nutrition for the hooves. It might be a bit expensive than the others on this list, but you can prevent the damages from appearing on your horse’s hooves.

AniMed MSM Pure Horse Care Supplement

With this supplement, you can be sure that it can add to both your horse’s beauty and health, as it contains all the nutrients that are more than what your horses needs. Not only is its ingredients promote good joint health, but it can also and hands several departments in your horse’s body as well.

If used continuously, you may start noticing a change on your horse’s skin and hair condition in a good way. Aside from horses, you can also use this supplement for your aging dog when they’ve been getting up and down slowly, to help improve your best friend’s health condition.

Farnam Red Cell Pellets Supplement

And last but not the least product is a mixture of vitamins and mineral supplement from Farnam. The supplement’s formula we’ll work together to promote overall well-being for your horses. With this product, you can keep your horses functioning up to the best of their abilities.

This supplement also contains several types of minerals that can keep your horse’s blood pumping, which is good for your horse’s stamina and energy. If your horse has improved levels of stamina and energy, this would mean that your horse will be performing with great capabilities.


Is it true that the more expensive a supplement is, the better it is for horses?

In most cases, this is kind of true, as the priciest horse implement contains high-quality vitamins and minerals compared to cheaper ones. However, there are some supplements that are being sold at an affordable price, high-quality formula.

How much vitamin E does a horse need?

Vitamin E is very important to a horse’s health. An adult horse will require an amount of 1,000 IU of vitamin E per day to ensure they’re getting the right nutrients.

When should I change my horse’s supplement?

The Nutritional Requirements of a horse changes according to how they live and what their age is. When your horse gets into a new phase, you have to observe what your horse needs.

Does an overweight horse need vitamin and mineral supplements?

Horses that are on diet control are the ones who needed supplements the most. This is because, horses that are on a diet control will lead them to take insufficient vitamins and minerals. Which is why supplements are necessary when a horse is on diet control.

How long will the results show?

The results will depend on your horse’s condition and what your purpose of using the supplement.


If you are looking for the best supplement for horses, choose a product that can satisfy all the nutritional requirements your horse needs to live healthily. Also, if you are on a budget, choose a product that is budget friendly, but packed with high-quality nutrients.