Top 15 Best Rat Toys: Reviews & Guide 2022

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Rat Toys

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And despite this growth in rat keeping, most new owners are not yet knowledgeable about the needs of rats. Other than a comfortable cage and tasty foods, rats also require the best rat toys in order to keep them energetic and happy and avoid behavioral issues.

Although rats were once a house pet with a lot of stigmas carried against them, nowadays, they are becoming known as the fun, loving and smart pets that they deserve to be known as.

Important Factors To Consider

When you are starting to shop for the best rat toys, you might not have any ideas where you should begin with. So before you can find the best rat toys, it is crucial that you find out what makes up a great toy.


There are different kinds and types of rat toys. Some of these include:

  • Eating and chewing toys
  • Running toys
  • Cuddling and sleeping toys
  • Climbing toys
  • Digging toys

You might ask which one these type of toys is the best for your rat. The simple answer is there is not a single one of these that is better than the other. Variety is key here, so you should choose different toy types and mix things up.

Safety Concerns

Safety should be your number one priority. You will need to make sure that toy you choose does not have any parts which could be easily chewed off and eaten unless it is edible for your rat. Flimsy pieces of plastics, on the other hand, can become a choking hazard when chewed by your rat.

In addition, you will need to make sure that the toys are made of safe materials and not coated with harsh chemicals.


This is not particularly a crucial factor, however, if you have this particular theme for your rat’s play area or cage, then you should pay some attention to whether your rat’s toy will fit in. If theme is not an issue, then you can just get any toy with different styles and colors that you think they will like.


Like the style and color, choosing the toy size is not that important, unless you have a really small or oversized rat. In terms of toys such as tubes, digging boxes and hammocks, you’ll want to make sure that the toys are wide and large enough for your rat to fit in without getting stuck. Anything that is smaller can be potentially dangerous.


Most rat toys are made out of one of these 4 materials:

  • Silicone-like, flexible materials
  • Durable and chew-safe plastic
  • Soft fabric like fleece
  • Chew-safe wood

These materials are safe for rats as long as they fit the safety guidelines I mentioned above.


Rat toys come in various dimensions and it can depend on how much space you have on your rat’s cage. For instance, if you want to get a hammock for your rat to swing and rest with, then you will need to choose something with more appropriate dimensions.

Top 15 Best Rat Toys

Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

Offering crinkly crackly sound and fun for your little rats, this 23 inches long tunnel helps encourage tunneling and exploration activity. It is made of polyester and cotton material so it should last for long.

You can also attach it to other tunnels for even more dimension and fun, encouraging exercise and mental play. In addition, the tunnel features its “Hide and Peek” hole opening at the center for added fun for you and our rats.

Living World Teach N Treat Toy

This is a unique and new interactive and education toy for little pets such as rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits. This is an interesting and fun way to teach your rats to search for treats, allowing your adorable pets to forage, observe and sniff. It has 3 levels of configuration and difficulty which keeps your pet’s mind alert and active.

Niteangel Rope Net

An Amazon’s Choice for “Cage Toys”, the Niteangel Rope Net should keep your adorable rat entertained and active for hours. This durable and sturdy cotton rope promotes your rat’s climbing activity and does more exercise to benefit their health.

It includes metal clips on every corner which allow it to be hung in various positions within the cage. You can make it as a fun and challenging ramp or a comfy hammock for resting.

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

This colorful play toy from Kaytee will keep your pets busy gnawing and chewing. It is made from 100 percent natural wood with safe vegetable dye coloring, so you do not have to worry about your pet’s health.

Available in mini and medium size, this toy is suitable for pet rats, chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters and more. Let your pet gnaw and chew for hours in order to get that nut treat trapped at the center of the toy.

Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels

Another great tunnel toy for your pet rat, the Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnel comes in 2 different sizes— large and medium. Made of stain resistant and durable plastic, your rat will enjoy playing and tunneling on this toy.

In addition, its accordion design allows you to set it up in unique shapes as well as making it super easy to store when not in use. Its material also makes it super easy to clean.

Trixie Suspension Bridge with Ladders

Specifically made for ferrets, this suspension bridge is also suitable for chinchillas and rats, ensuring hours of entertainment and activity. It features a wooden ladder that is safe for your pets to chew and rope ladders which stimulates their climbing instinct.

For hanging inside the cage, this cute jungle gym features lay rope and rope ring with a wooden block which encourages your rat to exercise and have fun.

Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

The Silent Spinner is a great workout wheel for pet rats and other small animals. It features patented ball bearing tech that makes the wheels super quite. In addition, the wheel spins on a plastic spoke in order to eliminate the annoying noise.

It has well-ventilated, solid plastic wheels without wire spacing where your pet’s small feet can get pinched or caught and cause an injury.  Furthermore, the wheel has raised treads for improved safety and better traction.

WINOMO Pet Hammock

The perfect comfortable space for your tiny pets, the WINOMO pet hammock has super soft texture made of supple material that allows your little one to relax. It includes corrosion and rust-resistant 4 clip chains for portable and convenient hanging anywhere. It has a firm structure with high quality and refined stitching for long-lasting use.

Kaytee Puzzle Playground

This is a connectable and expandable jungle gym for pet rats, gerbils, and hamsters offering hours of exercise and fun. Made of durable plastic material, this toy is super easy to clean.

It has 42 interlocking pieces which allow your imagination to run wild. Whatever the configuration is, these snap-lock plastic pieces provide educational challenge and fun for both owners and pet.

Sharllen Apple Stick Pet Chew Toys

These long sticks are pure and natural apple sticks with that sweet taste your pets will surely love. It contains no pesticides and not treated with harsh chemicals that may be harmful to your little rats.

These sticks help prevent chewing behavioral problems because of boredom and act as a tool for your pet’s teeth maintenance.

Pevor Pack of 5 Rollers and Chew Toys

These chew toys from Pevor is made of natural pine wood which encourages gnawing and chewing for a good molar effect. In addition, these toys also promote exercise and physical activity.

Featuring a small bell inside, watch your rat have fun rolling the toys all over their playpen. The package includes a unicycle, dumbbell, 2 bell roller, and watermelon balls.

Kaytee Perfect Chews

Specifically made for pet rats, this chew toy includes a block, a wood log, wood cheese wedges and wood balls in brilliant colors. This is a completely chewable toy that will keep your pets busy for hours. It also includes a metal attachment hook which makes it easy for you to hang the toy anywhere the cage.

Niteangel Tunnel Hammock

A combination of a hammock and a tunnel, this toy makes great hiding and relaxing place for your small pets. It is made of soft leather for comfort and even comes with a hole at the center for play. It includes durable nylon straps and clips for an easy attachment.

Alfie Pet Wood Platform

Ideal for rats, hamsters and other small animals, this platform is a fun resting and nesting place. Made with pet-safe materials, it should satisfy your pet’s natural instincts to chew as well as to be above ground level when sleeping and eating.

Rosewood Pet Activity Suspension Bridge

This suspension bridge is super easy to assemble and stimulates your pet rat and preventing boredom. It is made from pet-safe wood so you do not have to worry if you see your pet chewing and gnawing on it.


The above products are all great for their own purposes. I do advise that you get at least 5 different types of products for maximum fun. Regardless of which type of toy you choose, you will be making the right choice by stimulating your pet rat’s mind during playtime and avoid boredom and behavioral problems.